new years trick resolution

got this from mas middle age shred pommy old skool site got to say after sessioning the bowl with the boys every wednesday night for the last six months im pretty happy that most of what i could do twenty years ago i can still manage now in the 6ft slam bowl . so now im going to have a new years trick resolution . this year im going to try and relearn lay back grinds to tail whats your resolution :laughing:

I resolve to attempt not to hurt myself!

Lets see - frontside carve better, drop in the deep end at Bondi, and well…anything else I can manage!

two wheel corner carves at Bondi by the end of January. Frontside revert mid-life crisis through 2006 …

Dr Stoopid

Drop the Monster half pipe

lay back air’s

50 50’s

no broken ribs.

Anything. :slight_smile:

Frontside grind, better kick turns, drop deep end bondi, more speed, try some of mals lines, I could go on and on John :smiley:

Anything over a board width above the coping (preferably something frontside)

I have a name for all my tricks these days. Its just called LUCK at my age if I get away with it I am fortunate.You know the best trick is every ones individual style. You can’t buy that . Never ceases to amaze me because something new or different happens all the time. Just get pissed off when I don’t get to see these things going down.I hope every one has a injury free new year cause I like what I am seeing. Keeping on rolling.Richie.

get my miller flip back :wink:

rock n roll
fs air

not all in one trick :wink:

50-50 grinds/axle stall (i was just getting them…)
rock and roll/fakie
frontside air
more carving lines in bondi


Yeah, I’d just be happy to frontside grind more often than what I do!

More b/s and f/s carving too!

Yeh sean, same.

frontside layback rollouts for sure!! Ive been trying them again and have ended in some nasty prone positions one saw me doing a strange splits type monouver positioning my nuts precariously over the coping!!

Charge even harder,
carve , grind , slash,
very good, have a drink!!!

All mashers have to frontside grind the vert extention at monster in 2006! :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I would like to have the ability to something like that :stuck_out_tongue: