Newcastle Go Skateboarding Day

There was a bunch of stuff on today in Newy, got the info too late to post up earlier, but I’ll put it in here for reference to chase up earlier next year.

gosh. that probably would have been good to go to ?
stocko is the new park across the harbour from newie.
the street section is well constructed and has fresh smooth obstacle designs.
the 4ft ramp has solid ceramic pool coping for your leisure.

21 june is ‘go skateboarding day’ i will try to remember that for next year .

Welcome back the Charlie Heavymetal!

Four foot ramp with pool coping!

That ramp looks fun

look out little kid!
the far right coping block on the other end is loose.

thank you for getting the site back up.
ill try to supply some pictures and information.

Anything you can post up helps build the community again.

thanks for giving it the giddy up.