O'Brien's Curves Outlaw 21st July

Perth Longboarding Society are putting on a race on 21st July 2019.

See their Facebook page for details.

@Keith welcome to Charlie!

Thank you for putting on an event, if there is anything I can do, let me know.

Cool, thanks - maybe update ASRA event version too ??

Shall I put ASRA logo on it? (well done on Charlie :slight_smile:


Up to you on the ASRA logo, I always figure the more logos the better :smile:

I’ll up date the ASRA event.

Will update - and upload - Thanks Hop :sunglasses:

Outlaw - Downhill Race - Perth WA

Finals Podium :boom:

1st Jackson Loney @jackson.loney

2nd Buddy van Peer

3rd Taylor Price


Thank you to all Riders :boom::boom::boom:

***** Special thanks to helpers on the day:

Road management:

Lucy @whitewashthelabel

Raine Kent @reigncent

and Joel’s friends: @joel.kanagalingam

Denmark and Pavo (also for cooking BBQ for riders).

Thanks to Erin @itserinwright @ogpphotos

for the photo of Simo, @simonmartinov - used in all the promo’s

Thanks to Taylor @mrtayprice

for providing all the gear and Sammy for keeping the Chill Zone Tent in order.

  • Thanks also to everyone that helped pack up on the day.
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Awesome work everyone

Was there any trouble with traffic or weekend motorcyclists?

No trouble at all - I organised stop and slow signs and closed road when all races happened and let the cars come through whilst no one was on run. There were not a lot and only couple motorbikes and a car club came through wth about 30 cars just before lunch. No complaints:)
We operated with 2 way radios at all times. We were there from 8.30 to 5.30.
*** The guys have put up videos and pics on Perth Longboarding Society Facebook

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