old skool skater from the 1970's - UK now here in Melbourne

I am orginally from the UK now livinving in Melbourne and skated from 1977 through to early 90’s before marriage slowed me down! I’m looking at getting abck into it and meeting a few people in a similar position and age.
I’m looking for a decent set up, something big and chunky and NOT one of the pieces of string that skaters ride today. I have some very rare skate footage from the UK skate scene in the 70’s and 80’s on DVD if anyone would like to trade. Anyway it would be nice to hear from anyone.

Welcome Peter!
We have a tues arvo-evening session here in Melbs, look in forum-sandpit-MOSS sessions.
Best way is to try a few different setups, and see what you are into.

you got mail!welcome dude :smiley:

Welcome. Get down to a sess sometime dude!!