Old Sydney Photos

Here’s John Tez at the Bayview wall. circa 1978 or earlier. Dig that DHD/Saurus deck with the stringers.

And here’s one of Adrian “Aerial->Errol” Jones at Manly Skate City, circa 1979. Now that was when it really started to happen.

Hey Wedge , nice to see those old sydney pics if you’ve got any more i’d love to see em. I was introdced to vert skating by some guys that’d built a 1/4 pipe in my high school (pendle hill in sydney’s west) one christmas - 1978/9 i think.

These guys skated pymble, one they called ‘pig’ ring any bells?

Acton street Croydon Sydney.
Tiny 24 x 6" bahne superflex.
Going too fast to bail. Had to ride it out. Fingernails close to ground to pop rocks outa the way.

Ahh the sweet sound of those old open ball bearings. I take
these old things out ocasionally just to hear that sound.

Webcraft oak, chalkies, those stupid trucks with the triangle base plates and bear feet…Just rolling.

Id’ love a webcraft or GT with chalkies or red wheels if anyones got one to sell

I have a set of chicago trucks with red rider wheels as paper wheights on my desk

Kernow has a webcraft complete, but I think his price would be too high.

the pic of john tez is a classic, i;ve got the skateboarder mag his (who’s hot) was in. skateboard world had decks like that one, called (ultimate)not as fat as the dhd’s,i’ve still got mine, it’s what i 1st rode pymbal on. errol even put it together for me

Still got my Ultimate from the 70’s.

And the tile top coffee table you made in year 10 :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sort of. Pams brother made it.

My mum still has the one I made :laughing: and I guess I’ll proudly display the one James makes.

No more non-skate BS promise :blush:

Kid next door to me had that ‘fat’ BAHNE. Mine was a bit of a no-name but had a sweet beach surf scene layed in the top glass which I thought was way cool. My mum lay-buyed it and spent the best part of a year paying it off at $1 a week. What a gem!


Man with keys in pocket and finger on button.

That pic is sik’ Scott’
Blak’ & White all the way’ (movin’ 2)

I got all my ultimate/skateboard world stuff free or halfprice for a decade.
So there!