OLD Tracker widths

I just scored a board with some old original trackers and tha axle is just shy of 9".

Im gueesing these would be EX tracs??? anyone know as I was on Lazer wides back in the day.

These are gonna go on my big foot re issue with some og Park Rider Logan 5’s

Its ok they are original six tracs and are looking mighty sweet

get some tunnels or some other reissue things

Fletch, those wheels sound like they would be worth a few bucks. I would put them away in a safe place 8)

3DM are making a new wheel thats a copy of the Road Rider wheel(just saw them last night on ebay)
Braden I want a set for my new Logan deck, can you source them please. Now all I need is the Benett truck reissues to hit the shop shelves :unamused:

Fletch, just read your post on 2nd melb sk8nite.
Yeah, I saw that board on ebay and thought about having a dig at it. But I ended up buying a Trax skateboard all original, a Condor pig skateboard all original. And ordered 3 more decks from Braden(Logan, Alva tri logo,Bigfoot) Also a Z Flex deck on the way in the post.

So you can understand why I passed on your one! I have severely dented the savings! Sounds like you picked up a bargain though, landing some noice Trackers from back in the day 8)

Hey Sean - if you buy the 3DM wheels and they are more your thing for this Logan set up your doing - sell me those Tunnels in case Braden gets no more. Tunnels are agreeing with me something shocking. Put the Rockets in mine last night and was like riding with glued up wheels for most of the night and then - zing - they unleashed. A totally stoking package now. Flat backs are so thumping to grind with compared to the conicals and the grip and speed combo of the rocks is awesome. The 3dm wheels if they are of similar hardness should be a stonking wheel. WHo makes Tunnels anyway?

Park riders are in good nic not mint so will give em a few spins then swap to som 80a BDS dragons…funds are i bit tight at present wanna save for the superpig and some more holeys

I thought about offloading some stuff…but only for a second lol

Old skateboards should be like old cars - taken out and ridden.
Perhaps with a bit of care - but ridden nevertheless - go for it Fletch.

I wholeheartedly agree…I can’t get all these guys that have great old skates and never ride them at all. Hallam rides all his boards at least once to get a feel of how the ride

Sean you are an addict LOL