One Hacks limits....

One Hack drove home from Monster last night having found his limit - The Monster Ramp.

Whilst standing alongside the big f*cken thing watching various rippers one can be fooled into believing “I can do this, look at it - it’s just tranny, big sure but it doesn’t look that hard, does it?”

That’s 'til you stand on the platform for the drop. At 14 feet, the Monster ramp is like nothing you’ve ever skated. Weak knees are not an option, nor is a weak heart. The speed from the drop is like being shot from a cannon.

Having ate shit last visit and spending two weeks on the side line this Hack couldn’t summon the courage to attempt the drop again. Flogged from pumping the 11ft tranny for height he barely managed to hit the vert before crumbling in a heap on the flat - beaten.

He takes solice though in having been beaten by the biggest mother f*cker he could take on. Twenty years ago son maybe but it’s too late for you now…

He’ll make his way back to familiar (concrete) ground. Round walls and tile where the opposition isn’t so strong and he can take the odd victory away.

MAS*H 'til we can’t stand and zimmer frame races after that guys - Merry Christmas everyone!

Woah I can dig and relate…thinks deep end at Bondi! I still havent found the ticker to drop in there! One day…

you can do it skatexec, make it your new years resolution.

Thats a nice story but its only the first chapter!!!

Go Steve, I can relate to that story…

Can’t wait till you drop that monster…live to talk about it and write the story!

Congats on making the cover of CDS.

My palms got sweaty just reading about it Steve. Kudos for giving it a go! I haven’t been there yet but Monsters reputation is preceding it already :open_mouth:

My new years resolution is to drop into the Bra bowl and Bondi deep this year. Monster is a 3 year plan! I’ve already got the Gannt chart on my wall :confused:

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
Samuel Beckett

Nice story, although no happy ending. It will happen though!
Skatexec, if ever in Adelaide you’ll have to have a crack at the Westbeach vert ramp. You’d like it, nice and big but not too big. maybe next airbag jam.

Hey about the TA vans, i’m going to give ebay a go and see what i can get from international buyers, if not, maybe we can do a deal.

that last post was from me!: - Uneasy

Heading to the 'bush tonight = stay tuned :wink:

No worries on the TA Vans Uneasy - they’re prolly worth the sorta $ you’re after. Happy ebaying.