ozi's wanted

anyone have any ozi stuff up for grabs? boards, wheels trucks whatever…


good luck with that. got the reissues yet?

nah there made in china…
I dont mind chinese made stuff except when its called OZI…

Yeah can’t argue with that logic, was just wondering if they are decent wood or bodgy crap.

Are you sure its chinawood?

Their site says they use Canadian Maple

had a look through…no joy :confused:

Canadian maple, sent on ships, to China, like most other Canadian maple skateboards in the world today.

glue contains msg,

oh ok … like the Golden Dragons.

I guess if you really want one, youll grab it

I wont be shocked in the future if the earths great reverse engineers, the Chinese, all of a sudden start Canadian Maple plantations.

Omni has an interesting piece about Chinese made stuff here:


Maples are graded. Younger specimens are softer and have more notching than older trees. It also depends on how the laminate are sliced, quartered being the premium, (stronger) Companies will generally grab the premium stuff and the less desired (which is way cheaper) will no doubt wind up to make cheaper boards.
A lot of businesses will mix them together to save a $.
For a tree to produce good laminates it has to be 40+ years old and unfortunately. We are only getting wood to 20 - 25yo.

You wouldnt believe some of the crap laminates that end up in the premium board range boards. You’ll have more chance getting a high grade board from a small board maker. Give em premium top and bottom lams rubbish in the middle and it looks awesome. kind of makes you think what you are paying for.

Generally the Maples are pretty good. Even im not too fussed on whats in the center. The key to a snappy long lasting deck is in the glue. And ill stand by that 100%. The good shit is more expensive and most likely, thats where the bulk of the short cuts in board making is made.

rollon contact the dude at blue tile lounge in fitzroy he had a near mint ozi he wants to sell, saw it today, he is on fb under blue tile lounge,

Winfer, did this bugger ever sell that near NOS? My mate just bought the reish as a cruiser, will give a report after I have a roll on it when I see him this weekend.

no idea scotty,

Made me laugh…good one.

One on ebay atm

Another on ebay cheap and a reflex