Parra Official Opening....


Evo (and Lux)






Radness, wheres the pic of you SkatExec?

I’m the photographer. Skated though and loved it. Good to be back on board - sorry mosu, no intention of rubbing it in. Hope your mental health is OK.

not so sure about that. Im currently self medicating with lots of Melbourne Bitter to cope with the depression caused by not skating for a year.

Im more than tempted to disregards Doctors advise and skate anyway but then I think about how much more my operation will cost if I stuff up more ligaments, but then again there’s new parks I havent ridden at Parra,San Remo and Homebush.

Its great to see the pic’s of everyone else having a rip on new terrain, wont be to long before I can roll again

Better get some camera practice in Mosu, we need you.