Photobucket Image sizing

Lateley Ive been uploading images to photobucket to find that when I post them in forums they’re small?
I read somewhere that if you upload them at a larger size photobucket will scale them to suit. but it seems like pot luck as to how large the re-sized image will be. Ive become so frustrated with this that Ive given It a miss till I can work it out.
I noticed Bill Fs Images are all the same size.
My folder thing is only 23% full.
Here are a few examples

The last two are from the same camera I have set up a pre set crop in photoshop to crop and change dpi all in one go but phto bucket does this,
Any Ideas?

maybe email photobucket. I know what you mean but dont know why it hapens


I scale all my Portrait photos 400x602 and Landscape ones 602x400 or there abouts. Give that a go. Oh, I resize them using ACDsee v6 and not in Photoshop CS2.

Bill F

hey bill my other problem is when i upload my photos they dont seem to apear as sharp as when i print them down at the local photo shop :confused:

not sure if your doing this already,
but make sure they are screen resolution ie. 72 dpi
that way the size they appear in photoshop will be how they
appear on the net.

Just remember when you resize lower, it will always lose resolution. That’s correct rgrant. Try that next time and see how they come out.


cheers guys see you at the sos bank jam :laughing: