Pool boards sold out!

Bad news on the Shogo and Buddy Carr pool boards, as they are now all gone. I am pushing Wes and Rich at BDS, and I am confident there will be something to replace them…but when?

Push for square tail 9x32 same concave as shogo :bulb:

I agree 100% Fletch, will do.

me too. i posted my 2 cents worth on the BDS forum too. An 8.75 square tail - with a slight point nose, so the kiddies know we aint muckin about on no popsicles 8)

love my shogo though and don’t need a new deck (won’t stop me buyin em though :unamused: )

Braden, had a “fly” this morning early…love it love it love it!!! It’s the bitchinest wild assed fly board carvinest sensational crazy tuffest thing in the world!!! My old decks officially gone into storage!!! Stacking at high speed is soooo much better!!!

By the way…is it considered normal to sleep with your deck??? :smiley:

Aah old school disease…I have seen it many times, the only cure is to buy more boards…mmmuuuuhaaaa haaa haaaa haaaa haa.
I’m starting to miss the Shogo already…good news from Wes though, the Buddy Carr is to make another appearance!

Glad you like the Shogo Leah, the street area at Northcote is great. There is a 3 foot quarter thats perfect for practising drop ins and grinds!

Buddy Carr model = Damn Fine stick!

Im sure any of the MOSS gentlemen would be glad to assist with the drop in.

Come along to one of the tuesday sessions.

Sleeping with decks??? trucks and wheels fitted???

Yeah…helps me get around :laughing: