Who’s keen for a Kariong sesh 28th may(sunday) here’s plenty of notice!

PS; how do I post pics in here?


hey paul load them on to photobucket.com first then put them thru to here :laughing: im up for it but have been told there is new signs gone up regarding tresspassing

Count me in regardless of the warnings.

Ok, Thanks John.

I’ll see if I can contact the manager and sort it out,

should be cool!

hey paul,

can’t make it that weekend man, you want to move it back to the weekend after? pretty please?!!!

(and this is my first post here on the charlie, greetings masses)

Greetings Benon. He who droped into the shallow of a 6 inch pool tranny. That was sic.

Oh look out, Benon is out of the closet (of skateboard.com.au).

Yeah Paul, you know Benon is my driver. Without him I would never be able to venture beyond the borders of Sydney without a ticket to ride.

you could get a car yourself MM!

But if he failed to turn left he would have to throw the car in the gutter… :open_mouth:

(Geeez I hope MM doesnt Bash me at Monster!)

haha… You cheeky ole bastards! I’ll get you yet my pretties.

Lucky for you that I had left for work before your post mosu. Maybe the wet ramps were your karma in action.

Whatever, get a train, call someone, steal a car. no excuses!

sorry you can’t make it Benon, I’, already organising things, It’s ON!

seriously Mulhall, I’ll get you from the station.

should be a big one!

Yeap, not a problem Paul. I’ll organise my work roster. If I can do the morning shift on Saturday, I may come up on Sat night. But only if you promise to be entertaining.

guess i could maybe try and swing it…

i will be at a houseparty in the blue moutnains on sat night that will see me camping out in the yard…

whats the quickest way from leura to kariong folks? i could prob get there by 1ish

be a shame to miss big a session in this thing after all the work involoved in draining it

Of course Mullhall…

you like asian girls right?

Now now… Don’t be teasing me Paul.

I’m rostered to work the late one on Saturday Paul. If I can get my shift swapped, or someone to cover for me, I’ll be able to come up that night. Otherwise I’ll be there around lunch on Sunday. Unless I can scab a lift of one of the MASH lads.

O.K. cool,

So who’s coming on Sunday, a show of hands?

they’ve forecast rain most of the week, might have to bail out a bit of h2o

im in , hey paul think there is a remo under lights sess this tuesday if interrested

I’ve just found out that I have the whole weekend off Paul. If you like, you can come get me and skate some vert on Saturday. hehe… Then party arsehole Saturday night. Woohoo…

front page of north coast newspaper today.
what a shame you could measure that trannie with a set square!