pools in perth

just a few pools i found in perth. they are mostly within 1km of each other. no skating was done so i was not to happy about the whole situation.

Chris has swallowed whole The Pool Bug !

You checked out 5 pools in 1 weekend ? Well done son. Although the one with bamboo growing ‘inside’ the bowl looks like a bit of work.

We expect the same sort of pool hunting diligence upon your return to Sydney Chris.

Must have been a Californian pool builder who immigrated to Perth in the 60’s.

Nice work Chris. All I ever find are those fibreglass bastards :laughing:

I’m going to have to get my Perth map out again!

hey blameless check out Dalkieth, Peppermint Grove and Mosman Park.

Thanks Chris I’ll do that.

Think I’ll take a pump :wink:

i’ll post mine over if ya want…lol :laughing: ,wotcha blameless :wink:

Hey Boomer, how’s it hanging?

Looks like I’ve got some hunting to do :wink:

Blameless, I worked over in Perth in the early 90s. I remember a lot of pools in Nedlands all around the University of WA. Of the Curvy variety too. I remember one of the architecture lecturers there had one in his back yard that looked seriously skateable through the water. (I had not skated for years at that point but you know when I looked at the pool what was the first thing I thought of).

And as my colleagues tell me there is supposed to be a serious building boom going on in the West which must mean a lot of properties being renovated or being demolished making pool hunting highly worthwhile.

drive up and down the laneways of dalkeith, the old suburbs with laneways make life so much easier and arouse less suspicion. maybe also give eastfremantle a try. good luck

maybe iam letting to much info slip but since iam on the other side of the country somebody might as well get to skate the pools in the photos.
the first rectangle pool with the hip is in hobbs ave dalkeith corner with warratah ave , (i think if not it is the next street which runs parallel) the pool is behind a brown wooden fence and can be seen from the street. the second is on gallop rd corner of brown ave (opposite golf course) . it is a old pool on a private home construction site so maybe not available.
the third is tiles and crap the fourth pool would require heavy earth lifting machinery to clear it out and the last pool is in dalkeith but i cant remember the address. post some snaps if you get to skate those bastard pools

Thanks Chris, much appreciated. I’ll be checking those out asap. I’ll post pics if we get lucky.

Michael…thanks, I’ll check that out as well. Looks like I’m going to be busy :smiley: