report week endding 15th may

Wednesday night was one of our best sessions to date, you could feel the atsmosphere as we dragged on the pads and gave Dullly what for! Highlights included the long awaited front side grind from Scotty, some thrilling high speed carving from Richard and Tony, Chooper and skate exec making progress with the coping stuff in both the large and small half pipes. For the benefit of the MOSS crew dulwich hill has a nice layout that can handle a large group of old schoolers without too much snaking or incident. Special thanks to the blacktown boys Greg and Mr parker who as always not only put in some hardcore skating but plenty of AC and illumination hardware . In closing, this week notes an incredible improvement from young skate exec James, this kid has gone from not being able to drop in to demonstrating the correct method of dropping vert , to good backside grinds all in matter of weeks. Until next week, work hard, love hard and skate even harder :smiley: 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice column Mark![/img]

Let’s not forget Muzzy Mark dropping in on the big section of the 1/2 pipe :smiley: and the appearance of the rare and endangered bondiboy - a species that rarely travels as far as dullo for fear of retribution at the hands of a heavily pregnant bondigirl :wink:

Hmm - not so much retribution as fear of a phone call saying ‘get home NOW - we need to get to the hospital!’

Wed nights are a bloody good laugh - I must try and attend more often!