Revolution revdeck

Any interest in these super light/strong graphite babies?
Tas Pappas likes em, 8.125" x 32.5" and they work out to be $115.00 each.

What’s the WB on em Braden?

a couple of the mas guys back in the uk had these,they are super tough& light …recommended :wink:

wheelbase is 15"

I knew tas wouldn’t ride a 14" WB.

Just check on the reddies and I’ll pm ya Braden…

I have some cortech 54mm’s looking for a new board - would like to put them on one of these. PM sent.

Will one of these help me do those flippy things the kids are doing in the park?

someone had one at northcote last sun…very light…the guy said he’s never ride anything else again.