rip city skates

a few more shots i took last month from rip city skates in santa monica,one on of the oldest skate shops in l.a.
a cool bunch of guys that run the place,they flowed me a set of reissue cadillacs as seen in lodt …a very cool set of urethane.
enjoy the pics…boomer

Wild boomer!


got any more pics.

rip city has some incredible decks there.

come on boomer post the pic with you and ray flores its a classic who cares if jay adam( boomers sons name, fair dinkum ) is scratching his naccos . hell what a great name for us hear on the coast and newy :laughing:

one from their notice board…


And that doesnt even do a mild bit of justice to what he actually has. His collection is crazy - he has a great range of super rare late 80’s and 90’s rare blind, world and 101 decks not including the rest of the companies. I was there 2 weeks back simply awesome - ppmurf