Rolling Stones - Stones - Stones - Stones......

Went and saw them last night. Glad I didn’t pay for the tickets on the field where apparently the sound was so bad, people couldn’t tell which song was being performed until they picked up the crowd in the stands singing :blush:

Not a huge fan but you can’t beat the old faves - Brown Sugar, Honky Tonk Woman, Jumpin’ Jack Flash. They played a couple new songs - which sucked.

Support was The Living End - they rocked hard and out played the Stones who I reckon had a real bad night playing-wise together with the sound problems.

I went too,got a freebie.I agree,good to see them and hear the classics,but its pretty hard to get enthused when they’re little ants in the distance.Got to say though,pretty empressive for a bunch of 60yr olds.Mick didnt stop!