san remo central coast

just a few pics went at seven in the morning hence the bad light not officialy open till next week thats why the dawn sess the ranger kicks you out gteat fun good lines from deep to shallow

Looks hot, cant wait to get there!
Arrive Terrigal 31st Dec. Looks like I’ll be sk8ing new years day!!!

that looks fantastic, is it vert in the shallow?
MASH dudes, when are we going?

yep sure is ! its gnarrly when you first look at it just got to work yer lines out

i might be heading up to newcastle in 2 weekends time so i will have to make a slight detour for sure.

Is that Mathius going backside in the second foto? Go dude!

sure is cozmick hes grinding the deep end thats 4 days after he fell top to bottom at slam bowl truck hang up nasty gash blood everywhere and 4 stitches hows the knees will be slamming wednesday HATED crew been coming down lately skated with richard on wednesday go newy!

That bowl looks too good, i will be on the central coast this weekend and was hoping someone could give directions to san remo bowl(street address)and will it offically be opened?. I hear its a bust of late. :question: 8)

highview ave san remo in the grounds of the extreme park park is open from 8 till 7 official opening 17th december

Well I finally got to the bowl on saturday and let me say what a fun bowl to roll in. Its tight and feels like your riding a pool, there was a mad late arvo session that went down( dorfus,sam bennet,brad from nerwcastle,cuzza,danny van,sean mussett,young matty). I’ll post photos from that session later in the week 8) :laughing: 8)

Sunday 6:30am deep end San Remo:
Richard Thompson reporting for duty.
On his third board of a four board quiver ridden in this session. Nice early morning skate.

Yeah richie san remo looks great… good to see you had a good early morning skate today!!.. but werent you skating until dark yesterday afternoon too :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeh but at Stockton, hitting up the 1/4s doing airs ,slides and 360s on the flat banks.Tried some weird shit in hopes of being to do it at San Remo in the morning but I forgot how intimadating that place is.A bit more practice and I should manage to get these new moves happening.Fairly easy on small stuff but a lot harder to try on vert.Got lots of ideas for new lines and moves but need to do them and not talk about it.

That bowl looks super sweet. Backside 50-50 around that hip and frontside 50 in the deep would be line #1. Congrats on getting some nice concrete!