Saturday morning skate

Thanks Braden for welcoming me onboard.
I would like to come out to Box Hill, but with family commitments i’m unable at this time. As i said in my first e-mail that i’m just getting back into skating.
The only possibility at this time to meet you guys is possibly having a session
on Saturday mornings either at Coburg, North Fitzroy, Kensington or New Port, as i live over the West side of town (Niddrie) if there are any takers. Again great site and i hope this will help me skate with new enthusiasm knowing that there are guys like you who run such a thing like this. Go well concrete carvers.

Craig (the apostle)

Greetings Apostle,

I try to get down to the Newport park for at least an hour every day except Sunday (my wife is under the mistaken impression that one day a week not skating is reasonable). So if you are up for an early Saturday morning I’m happy to join you. I’d recommend going early because Newport can get damn packed.

I’m of a pretty mediocre standard but it’s the enthusiasm that counts.

:cry: sat/sun mornings no ggod for me as i work…but nights maybe poss again soon.

Newport gets way too crowded - way too early for me Hambo.

I’ll be down @ Fitzy on my knee recovery program Saturday and Sunday mornings. Fitzy has a roll in, transistions are quite mellow and is good for power skating so it might suit you - don’t know? Depending on times Sean and I will probably start getting back into our Coburg sessions a little later in the mornings too (usually Sundays) - its never crowded.


I think I might be right for a quick flash around at Fitzy on Saturday morning - I’ll give Matt a call too.

I don’t want to be a thread Nazi but is there any danger in continuing this on the ‘Weekend Skate’ line?

Welcome aboard that concrete adventure, Apostle :slight_smile:

We are just about neighbours. I live in Airport West :unamused:

There’s a small lip ramp in Strathmore, off Mascoma st. I’ve been meaning to have a roll there sometime :stuck_out_tongue:
:unamused: Let me know on the weekend skating thread if your interested :unamused:
:smiling_imp: not trying to be a sk8 nazi :smiling_imp: