Setup Help

Im looking at purchasing an Oldschool setup soon.
I love just carving around bowls
Looking at a pretty wide board with big wheels( vague guidleines I realise)
Can anyone help with a basic setup to get
Cheers fellas

Thats the way Pig, get rid of the popsicle!!!

Mate, the range out there is just huge - I guess your gonna have to define the size you are seeking, length and width, and go from there. Get trucks to suit the width, and wheels that are bigger than the bearing covers in use on most popsicles.

BDS decks are pretty cool, quite a few other reissue decks out there too from places like Boarders or Manly Boards and Blades.

next time you come to a MASH turnout, just ask around the fellers - most are only too happy to give advice or let you have a go of their skates.

Pig I have a couple decks that may interest you. Both are new-old school. One is a used conspiracy ‘foot of fear’ 9" rounded square tail in very good nick, the other is an 8.75" American Nomad square tail which is new, never mounted or gripped. Both set up nice with 149’s.

haha bondiboy
Ill still have the “popsicle” ( i ride 8.5’s) for street though;)

Skatexec, cheers for the offer, have you got any photos of the boards?
If so could you please email them along with a price
Cheers mate

With a name like PIG how can you ride anything under 10"

If I had to have just one old school setup it would be the BDS SS flat pig. 30 x 10 single kick flat. With tracker sixtracks and 97a minidubs.
I have this setup in the bottom of my skatebag always.
Great for:
just looking at.

Hmmm, that does look like an amazingly good deck!!!
how much do you reckon I’d be looking at for a complete setup with all that gear there Scott?
because thats pretty much exactly what I was looking for!

“With a name like PIG how can you ride anything under 10”. "
Classic Fletch.

For me the magic numgers are between 8 3/4"-9 1/2" wide, 15-15 3/4" between the nuts and 60mm plus wheels. Braden has all the gear you could need shoot him a bell (Braden is charliedontskate).

Youll need some spacers to minimise wheel bite on those loose trucks as well.

Take a look at the ‘charliedontskate boards’ thread and you’ll get a pretty good idea of peoples preferences on this site.

Is this the same ‘Pig’ from

Pig what are you going to use it for? 9 1/2 is the go! with 159 - 169’s

Hey Scott, can you do a mock up of Eli’s board please?
I hate seeing Western Australians crying!
@ pig, set up Scott suggested is $290.00, another option is the Bulldog instead of the flat pig.

Nothin like an oldschool pig to get the old s_cool_ers oinkin.
Lets throw in some Grindking trucks too. Cause they rawk.
Braden I’ll get Eli’s board going this week. Had an urgent overnighter to do for Wes. And whilst you da man. He da man too. And BTW Charlie might skate soon. Shhh. No more hints.

Cheers for your help guys
yeh Eli, pig of
I want two old school setups, one around the 9 inch mark and one 10+ inch bohemoth
Already tee’d up the 9 inch deck, and it looks like the Flat pig is gonan be a goer for the big sucka
Ill shoot you a lin eover the next few weeks about ordering the gear Braden
THanks again guys

I’ll second the vote of support for GK’s. Even if you are a dyed in the wool indy nut you should run GK kingpins (in my opinion).

I think I’m all cried out…ooooh…sob, sob…not quite, just give me a minute.

how do you have any time left for CDS after posting soooo much on (what is your OG rating).

Can I tell em yet…can I, CAN I?


Is that not a bit unethical :wink: of yourself?