SHOGOS A GO GO!!!!!!!!!!

My son Logan taking a well deserved break after unloading the boxes.

Scott has bagged a dark one , so have I which leaves 2 dark left.
4 natural and 2 with blue wheel wells (nice union jack effect)
My list looks like this, tell me if any details are incorrect.
Skatexec 1 paid
Scott 1
Clay 2 paid
Mabuto 1
Tripper 1 paid
Bondi 1
John Harle 1
Trevor Mc 1
There are also,
2 sets black death mini dubs $60.00 each
2 sets black death shogos $60.00 each
1 set black death wingskulls $52.00
1 set black death cowskulls $54.00
Ask Fletch how good these wheels are! (crossed over to the dark side)
I will start shipping now guys.

One set blackdeath minidubs too please.
I’ll email you about sending payment . Cool.

1 set blackdeath winged skulls puhleeze.

Clear on the Shogo thanks.

Braden can I please get a dark and a blue wheel well one REGARDS

Braden, blue wells thanks.


decks are looking good blue wheel wells if poss thanks braden i will email you about payment

Hey John the Pom,

what part of the Coast mate?

I’m out Entrance side and we skate bigfoots.

Cheers, Matthias.

gday mabuto live avoca area skate kincumber mini or sometimes kariong bowel been to indoor at tuggerah but seem to be the only big kid over forty sydney scene looks cool

Hey guys, since you all skate together i will send a bottle of rocket propellant to Skatexec or Scott so you can lubricate each other!

There’s always time for lubricant!

Boards arrived safe and sound CHEERS
But no ultrathane minis or signatureWhat happened?

Braden can I swap the 60 notes your holding from Muso for a set od BD mini dubs if youve still got em

I’ll second Clay’s comment - board arrived no worries, but what happened with the wheels? I’m not totally sweating on them, but it woulda been nice!

Foz did’nt send me any of the free ultras, I am doubting any of the dist guys got them. I have normal minis though I can send you both.

I’m never one to look a gift horse in the mouth…

im not taking the BD mini dubs felt it was being greedy as i already have a set

Same here Braden - I’ve got a set. Woulda been nice if Foz’d sent the Black minis though…

Tell him to look after you on the board bags (4kg in each) and we’ll be sweet :wink:

Thanks Braden
I’ll be sending you down that wad(as dissuced)next week!

As much as I’d like to say I don’t need em, I did rather have my heart set on using the wheels on my street skate (and retiring the old Slime Balls that are on it at present) as my other wheels are all 98/99As and a bit hard for the rough as guts footpaths hereabouts.

What you need bondi are the green 95a mini’s. I had them on my 30x10 flat pig and on the street these wheels are awsome. Quite fast and dont vibrate like 99a’s. Another awsome street cruiser wheel is the powell bombers. Awsome times. Oldskool is being well looked after these days.