sk82death is looking for footage!

My name is Sean Caveny and I?m the Co-Creator of the Television show
called ?sk82death?. We are currently looking for skateboarding footage
to fill our second season.
Sk8 2 death (skate to death) has just finished its first season and
consequently had been named as the highest rating show on channel 31
Melbourne with 55,500 viewers a night, in our first month. The show has
been picked up by; TVS Sydney, Access 31 Perth and Bush Vision in South
Australia and will begin screening in the next few weeks. As such we
would estimate 100,000 + viewers per week, across 3 states, is a very
safe guess not including repeats.
We are currently in discussions with stations in Adelaide and Brisbane.
As I mentioned we are looking for footage to use in season 2. This
presents a great opportunity for companies of ANY size to promote
themselves and their product via their team riders.
We will consider any footage we receive, with one restriction, due to
public access television laws we cannot digitally display a sponsors
logo on the screen. Logos on film however; on tshirts, boards etc are
acceptable. There is no problem displaying individual skaters names on
the screen, and company names can be mentioned by the hosts of the show.
Sk82death will happily edit raw footage or play finished pieces, even
individual shots will be considered. If your video has a soundtrack
please make sure you have permission to broadcast it, otherwise
sk82death can supply music.
Sk82death often features montages of random mixed skating and amusing
incidents, we?ll consider using anything dangerous, funny or disgusting.

The show also includes a segment entitled ?Sk8er Profile? which presents
a profile of a single skater by showing 3 to 10 minutes of his skating
followed by an interview. Both Professional and Amateurs are profiled,
as we believe in supporting the underground skate scene, For companies
this is an ideal means of advertising their team skaters. The interview
is an integral part of this segment and so to have a member of your team
?profiled? this would need to be arranged.

DVTapes, VHS Tapes, DVD?s, VCD?s, CD?s etc. can be sent to;

PO Box 8118
Northland P/O
Murray Road Preston
Victoria Australia 3072

Please feel free to contact me regarding any queries you may have, We
look forward to hearing
from you.


Sean Caveny

I’ve seen this show (well one episode) on TVS late at night/early morning when I’m up with the little feller - I’m looking forward to TVS being up and running properly with a regular timeslot!

Guess the video camera is going to have to get a workout at MASH turnouts so we can get some oldskool footage in amongst the twig flippers!