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Ed Roth of course…I have been trying to remember who did the art on those swapcards in the seventies we all used to collect…I can still smell the stick of gum that came with em.
We gotta get a bulk order of the T-shirts goin.

Ed Roth rules. I still have a fistfull of those gum stickers somewhere. There’s a Revell Rat Fink kit, Rat Fink tee and a couple of posters on there way to me. Couldnt resist. Its fun being a big kid still. In fact I’ve been having a mid life crisis since I was 12 :open_mouth: 8)
I also scored some mooneyes stickers to go under the nose of the 8 wheeler.

Another good site if your into 60’s pop hotrod art is
There’s a Route66 shop on Crown street Sydney (next to the skateboard shop) that stocks a lot of coopstuff. They have this large poster in the window for $120.00

Same price as a skateboard deck.
The posters at are 5 to $10. Tee’s there are only 20 bucks and your dealing with Ilene Roth too.
R.I.P. Ed