Speed Sparks

When all the five-dock boys came to Canberra for a weekend. Barry Martz (The skatepark owner) and all his kids blocked off a road near his house while the boys sparked down the hill. A couple of them had luge type set-ups too.

The original ad from Skateboarder mag.

Hahaha… No way. I remember that. I was standing at the top of the hill with my sister as Max Donini (who was here at Monster yesterday) and Steve Bennett sparked down the hill.

I have been wishing for years that someone has a secret stash of speed sparks. Who’s got em? I even had a set of G&S rollerballs just like the ones in the pic that I got from Woden. They looked funky, but were really slow. Well. in Five Dock bowl anyway.

Our luge setups at the time were a water or snow ski reversed with a 2x1 for a foot rest, a small square of form ply for a seat, a long ply backrest angled up and bolted to the ski tip, then covered in carpet. We had 2 indy’s at a point just above the knee and one just below the shoulder blades.

I think we went up to Magnetic Hill (or whatever it’s called) for a run before going to Ainsley with Frank G and a few others. The best test run was when Max and Steve clocked 70kph down the hill next to Artarmon ramp.

Pangy was running them at Belco this year. Classic.