SSA.ASN Comp At Riverwood 22/10/2005

Busy weekend for me starting at Riverwood on Saturday and at Waterloo on Sunday.

Enjoy the action.

Here are 10 to sample from Riverwood.

Very nice work Bill!

Thanks Braden, feel free to use them.

I just get a buzz out of taking the photos. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


hey Bill, great to see pics of girls sk8ting on the site.
20 years ago when I was "in my prime’, there were
heaps of girls sk8ing bowls with us. I even married one.
NOW,after seeing these photos, my 15yr old son wants to
know where to meet the blonde in the first picture.
His dream is a sk8ing girlfriend, just like dear old dad married.

Bill, they are the best photos that ive seen you take so far!

Hi GroundHangers, thanks. I must admit, the day was a great one weather wise which makes my life easier, but neverthekess they are good shots :smiley:

Welcome Hunter, yeah it’s always nice to mix it up a little. Good luck with your son chasing the girls around the skate parks :laughing:

See ya round