Star Wars

got my ticket for the movie tonight.
28 years to watch the series come to completion, damm thats a long time.

Lucas better not make any more in the series after this otherwise im gonna have to turn to the darkside and heavy him!!!

great effects. brilliant movie, see it!!!

Those of us at 14, 15, 16 that sat there in 1977 to watch the original are the toughest critics of all…I will take your advise Boba Mosu.

I remember skating the canyons back on tatooine…


Saw it last night. Fantastic huge scale effects make up for the storyline we all knew - no surprises there. Hayden Annakin a little less wooden this time and Yoda again steals the show.

James and I theorised on the way home on a side line story maybe the history of the Sith and Jedi pre ep. 1. You read it here first :wink:

no I heard it else where the next Star wars part is after the current 6 movies and involves Lukes Jedi acadamy and Han Solo and Princess Leia’s son as well as clones of Darth Vader. Apparently it will be a 100 hour digital special released as a TV series