The Rectal Tubes

Recording last week and next week, bloody loving it. I used to be pretty good on the mixing desk back in the 90s but technology has come a long long way. I understand what’s going on but bloody hell the young gun we’ve got working on the digital kit is kicking arse, makes me look like a bloody pretender and not the Chrissie Hynde variety. I bow to his newschool genius and also his ability to work with us and capture our dirty old style sound and give it a thick fat clarity that I didn’t realise was possible. I’m excited!

We decided to record a few songs just for fun but already it sounds better than anything I’ve ever recorded and we haven’t even started talking about final mix. 7 songs in 2 days :open_mouth:

Mark at Cavern Sound rules!

recordings turned out really well. We are having a sort of CD launch at Public Bar on Friday night. Cheap to get in like $5 bucks. We’ll go on fairly early 9.30 followed by Rimply Sed who look like good fun too. Here’s their silly video: … re=related

Coming soon:

with the daughter’s new dig’s in the village of Yarraville and there being a spare room am feeling the urge to polish the old gut up and remove some lint,