the urethane sweet shop

what’s yer all time favs people? :question:

enjoy :wink:

Boomer, I’ll take a bag of lollies with the works please!

Next time I’m up on the central coast, I wanna come visit that library full of old artifacts on skating from way back when! Might take me a week or two to read everything!!!

Can’t believe you have still got all this old stuff in your keeping.

sean, there is just some stuff you never part with,i look back on it as a diary of my life so far… :slight_smile: …never forget


please excuse some of the dodgy shots…but I used to sleep with my blue kryps!

Go into a skateshop today. Look at the wheels. Rows of white opaque urethane with graphics just isn’t as beautiful looking as all those translucent red and orange almost edible wheels (and the smell).

Those are early independants on that Kryptonics Deck?

Anyone got any old slicks magazines to scan in some Australian ads?
I vaguely remember that Mulford Plastics in Adelaide (?) made urethane wheels for a while - weren’t that good but were cheap and they were the MFW’s of wheels in about 75. Also would love to see a DHD Saurus ad which I have a vague recollection of.

cadillacs…mmmm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the OJ ad Boomer, had em, and the Val Surf ad - thats how I got em. And the Biniak ad - thats what I’m making now - which is why I need the Bennett Pros. Sean has one - sweet board for its time. Too too much in one post Boomer. Keep up the good work.

i used to like these puppies

My first set of precision bearing wheels were G&S yo yo’s (2 orange, 2 red) purchased from Ray Richards surf shop in Newcastle with Edwards (NZ) Midtrack sized trucks-(1978). After Chicago trucks and wheels it felt like I had more speed than i could handle for a little while.
BONES cubics were my next purchase (1979) as part of a complete board with Tracker Fultracks on an orange Ray Bones Brite Lite that I got from Skateboard World for my 15th birthday. The Cubics hung in there right through to Rat Bones purchased in '85.
How you been Boomer? Bones all knitted? Keen to see you up and rolling at Remo and Slam again soon. Coz.

Universal Grabbers, small on the front, large on the back, Roller Sports, Power Paws & Road Rider 4’s were my earliest urethane wheels.

The ads still have the same allure they always had. Thanks for posting them Boomer & Braden. Those Quix wheels weren’t that quick by the way.

Sorry that was Braden to thank for the OJ ad.
Its getting confusing with all these museumlogists pulling out their ancient documents.
OK give us an EMOTION wheel ad - which were surely the forerunners to thos QUIX wheels


Get these now!

70MM cored wheels! what hardness? and why not get 70mm cored Kryptonics

It says soft wheel. Not sure what duro. Kryptonics might not go over coping as good as these.

Hey Boomer can I put in a request for my all time second favourite wheel…the powerflex 5.