Thunderbirds are go!

Just got some of the Grind King Thunderbirds and they are good. After 20 years on Indies I think I may have converted. They took a little bit of adjustment as the turn in geometry is so quick. The beauty is you can have your trucks firm/tight and still be able to carve lines like Wedge but without the nervous feeling of loose trucks. Seem to be a bit lighter than the Indies too.
Well worth it the purchase for you boys on a MAN size board!

Thats sounds a positive Bret.
so how do the Holey’s compare to the priveleged users out there?
Need some feed back before my next installment of trucks.

hey looks i can post when i am at work! yipee!

thats rad! bret!
heard that previous grind kings werent so good.

but with that news, and the fact that the new indys dont accept the grind king king pins,
they could be worth getting.

except i just got some new indys

the first ride I thought they were all over the place like a mad woman’s shit. I had adjusted them similar to my Indies just the normal “step on and check the tension” way so they were a bit loose and actually took a bit of winding up before I was happy. I tend to ride my trucks firm so I could get them firm but still have the ability to carve tight. The other good thing was I didnt need any riser pads because they sit a bit higher than the Indies. I am using the 58mm cortech photons and no wheel bite so far.

anyway they are worth a try

Yep. Love em. Thunderbirds rock. Jimmy, the Holey’s are more of a longboard truck like randals. Heavier than grindkings.

GK don’t make the equivalent to a 149 do they?

Hey Steve, I think the Jay Adams truck is similar size to a 149 Indy but I have not ridden it… too skinny for us over 45’s. looks good though

Whats next? Salba on Grindking? Dogs and cats living together?

Bah - I love Indy. Just curious about the other side. My Stage 8’s will last my skating career out.

Haven’t ridden Gk’s much only Jay adams. Over the years there have been numerous Indy coppies made by just as many manufacturers. This tells me that Indy got somthing right. Gk’s have not been around as long as Indy’s but I have only heard good things about them. My short ride on Jay Adams Gk’s was good very responsive truck.I know for certain that trucks either real Indy’s or coppies have the right geometry to get the job done.Weight and cosmetics or personal preferances are the only other considerations to make. Both sound good, possibly turning ability could be a deciding factor in the end as to what you choose.Saw some GF Hurly trucks in CW buyers guide, although not real wide they look real sweet.

What the fuck!
Its the rider not the truck!
The only troubling thing
is now I want to try Grind King

Take the shackles off mosu. Now your a new man! The Carvin Mosu.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I luv my Grindkings(10" muthers)

So ThunderBirds are 10"
what are 8.25"? are the Jay Adam’s 8.25. I checked the GrindKing Website for dimensions and guess what? they dont advertise the dimensions of there own product.

They may be great trucks but there guys in marketing are out to lunch

The Jay Adams are 8.75" axle. I have a set of 8.25 on my minicruiser. So they do exist.

Grindking jay adams are 6"
Grindking tbirds come in 6.25" and 7.25"

Indy 149 are just a whisker under 6"
Indy 169 are 6.25"
Indy 215 are a whisker over 7.25"

Thus ends the definative truck size thingo, now tracker on the other hand…

when you measure trucks do you measure the hanger length or the length of the axle?.

I think I have 149 indies on my 7.75 Inch Santa Cruz Deck and they fit fine (when on its side the wheels and deck are the same width) axle certainly isnt 6" cause otherwise my deck would hang over the trucks

Braden is talking about the hanger not the axle.
Indy 169 hanger = 6.25"
Indy 169 axle = 9"

Mosu I think you have 139’s which have an 8" axle.

Indy’s size chart says a 149 has a 150mm hanger and 8.5" axle.
169 has a 162mm hanger and 8.9" axle…

6" = 152.4mm so yeh, a GK Jay is slightly wider than a 149 Indy.