takes yer back …huh lads…lol :slight_smile:

youtube.com/watch?v=FPqLFj8G … th%20group

Hey guys,

Is this USA, UK or Oz footage?

I thought I saw Russ Howell in the vid but otherwise it is hard to pick?

Woudl be a great source fro soem imagery for my book!

Looks like US stuff. Is the guy who sits on the board turning around doing a half catamaran (dunno how else to describe it) Cheyne Horan?

No I don’t think it is Cheyne. He’s the one with the straps on his board doing airial 360’s. It could be Ken Oliver or John Sanderson.I think I also saw Bobby Bain but could be wrong.This was what it was like all over Sydney in the mid 70s.We also were doing this sort of thing out in the western suburbs not just the northern beach areas. The guy with the waterski long board may have been a guy named Woolly Langbein or something.Good to see how much fun skating was back then. It was f*^king unbelieveable you had to be there.Care free days, inocent fun. Why did it get so serious? We may have lost the true essence of what skating is all about. FUN,FUN and more f!%king FUN f*^K everything else just skate. post hippy pre punk lost in space

I think the footage might be from the mid-70’s Oz film The Ultimate Flex Machine. Russ Howell & Stacy Peralta toured the country doing demo’s, appearing at the openings of the film etc. All the dudes Richie mentioned were in it and more. They were rad times with the fully hyped craze. The urethane wheel really opened up skating to so much more.

Richie and errol are right.
Cheyne Horan was famous for the strap work -
and famous for taking aerials in surfing later on to whole new levels.
I love his surfing equipment from the early 80’s.
Richie is right on the money about the vibe.
Notice - a lot of girls skated then - a lot.

Great memories - almost brings a tear to the eye - Our age 10-16, our innocence, our endless days rolling down hills and re-entries on driveways, tubes under overhanging trees and under trucks. MOst of the footage was of the 1975 coke contest at Frenchs forest - The infamous Thor Svenson organised the contest with Coke and had over 50 kids including me from his classes at Balgowlah Boys High(Where Rob Bain went) doing all the work. The hill they were skating down was the driveway to a school the first left when turning off to Warringah Aquatic centre (Frenchs Forest/Allambie half pipe)There were so many kids skating back then - Dee Why headland used to be packed with stoked grommets skating with surfing legends. Just got to love the skate style.
Ah … the memories

Guys, I wish my parents took more photos of my brother and I skating around in that era, but like most westie kids that where into surfing we used our Golden breed boards as an alternitive when dad was to busy to drive us to the beach.
I remember being a little envious of chenye he had the blond hair lived near the beach, all the girls. could ride down the bonett of an FB holden to us he seemed a bitt of a jerk.
Unfortunatly to me some of the guys that where making it happen in that era where wankers remember when Garret kicked turned a ramp on the Don Lane show kids did not see the skate progresion rather the distastful little sepo that the chicks all dug.It was and still is to me a disapointing paradox that as a stupod little westie kid I could not see that the skate board could replace the surfing delima simply because my friends and I had little respect for the role models that stood out in the mass media and Dr Stupoid had been expelled from my school by then :frowning: :frowning: However bombing hills trying to do 360s hand stands and the thrill of riding your skateboard to school was still the happest days of our lives :smiley: :smiley: and no grip tape bear foot too

Hey guys,

I am working pretty heavily on my book again!

I am reading through ancient haunts, but I am keen to follow this thread through too, in regards to everyones memories of the Sydney skate scene in the 1970s.

If you have any pics please let me know too.

If you are scanning them the requirments are (300DPI, 23cm x 28cm).

Happy rollin’

just makes you realise why we started skating,all about fun,nothing more nothing less ,
great to see you lot digging around in those memories…lol,keep keeping on…boomer


Here is some super8 footage from 60’s and 70’s that my dad took.
Skateboarding (1975)
go-karting 60’s
billy karts
music by feel.

right clip and save target as:
56meg (sorry its big)

far out thats some early film. how is manly without thousands of cars parked every where!

great music

Scott, fantastic footage. Stuff like that is rare. I can not remember any Dad’s with video cameras let alone using it and keeping the footage. Top bloke. Such classic skating of the era.
How simple was having a good time back then, not too much crap cluttering the mind. All you needed was a skateboard and some mates.

Quite a few old school friends I’ve seen lately, who basically stopped skating after the 75-76 Russ Howell days, have all talked about the video footage of the skating on ‘forever young’. They all have a sparkle in their eye as they reminisce of those days and skating down hills on their golden breed , cadillac wheels. When everyone skated with all their neighbours every afternoon on their local streets. When cars were few, and could not argue with 30 kids skating down a street. It was probably someone’s Dad anyway.
I reckon if something gives you a sparkle in the eye - you should go out and do it. Its never too late.

LUV that footage on forever young :smiley:

Bare feet and Golden Breed boards, those were the days :laughing:


RAD footage!

great editing.

Skoot, if only we all had dads that took home movies like that :frowning:

Great stuff :slight_smile:

Aaah brought a tear to me eye that Skoot.

Too bad our kids don’t enjoy the same simple pleasures huh? Back then the world wasn’t such a scary place. A neighbourhood of kids all bombing the local ‘hill’ on whatever they had. Scrapes and near misses, the stories we all recall - good times.

Must get a hold of me Pa’s super 8 stuff and run a projector night for my tribe.

beautiful scoot.

I have been getting a lot of questions about skating in the 70s.A lot of grommies and their parents have been virtually giving me the third degree picking my brains.The end of the day you can’t bring the past back.Sure it was a fantastic time to be skating but one has to remember that it had became a craze a bit of a fad. The end of the 70s was getting hard as a lot of the hype and energy had left.The passion I felt for the sport never left me and I still have fun doing it.I can’t teach passion attitude or stlyle.Passion is in you,style is your interpratation of your skating.attitude comes back to passion and desire to progress.I do want to be forever young but reality dictates that I wont.I will and do remain focused on the main reason as to why I skate (to have fun).If people get to see me doing 70s type moves and they like it than I am happy for them.This type of skating will most probably die with my generation.If for any reason anything I have done gets passed on than I am pleased.As older skaters we have to hand skating on to the younger generation.They are doing OK and if I were to die tomorrow I would be confident that skating is in good hands.GO THE GROMMIES OUR FUTURE IN SKATING.

Far out footage, despite lack of totally insane tube flickouts. All surviving 70s skaters should unite in spirit of international brotherhood to form one enormous network of interlinked catamarans (with other guys doing 360s and nose wheelies on the side) that will roll unstoppably across surface of globe sweeping aside all borfs. Old School Richie, you will be our leader …