tourism MOSS JAM ad banned in the UK



MARK, pure genius!!!

Great clip great sound great production :slight_smile:

Nice work for someone with an english passport!

digger! i’ll have you know that the whole lot of us became aussies last australia day! see you tomorrow convict!

Ive been waitting all day to see your vid (curse firewalls at work) and it was worth it.

Rad stuff MK. Have a happy MOSS JAM

thanks mosu - you should be there! :open_mouth:

only if my two female bosses give me time off from work!

perhaps i’ll make MOSS JAM 2008 once my bionic knee is completed

just quietly it was a pretty fuk’n awesome day - with 4 hours of tape i’m looking forward to posting some new stuff soon. I recon lester the knee boarder rocked big time. i also heard the great wall of china jumper is in town too so i might have to buy a bigger hard drive. keep yer eyes peeled. and look after that knee - aside: :open_mouth: my cobalt steel job creaks when it’s cold!