trucks from wayback when

with the bennett thread running i thought i would throw in these for good measure,anyone remember these ?

never seen the first trucks.
2nd trucks appeared in built to grind (p17) so I can at least say “ive seen a picture of them”. Looks like it was designed by the same bloke who did rear end diffs of Jaguars.

Must be rare as hens teeth probable worth more as well

I saw a pair of Strokers on the dreaded Ebay a little while back - basically new in the bag with the instructions etc… I think they ended up going for around the $7-800 U.S. level. If I win Lotto I’m buying a set and putting them on a street cruiser purely for weirdo value!

Speed springs were part of the power paw empire - and Russ Howell was connected wasn’t he. Love those 70’s ads you’re putting up Boomer. They have a sort of golden brown aura about them like all the car ads that used to be in National Geographic.

Those single rubber SpeedSpring shocks pictured seen as single if anybody wants some (what for i dont know) I have plenty.

I always wanted a slalom board with Strokers - though I’ve got no idea if they were any good. I just dig that these trucks suggest the face of an evil robotic praying mantis or something from front on. I wonder if the spring in Russ Howell’s trucks (which I remember also) helped him pull off those super gnarly patented acrobatic dismounts?

ad from 1975

ad from 1976

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Thanks Boomer - that post has made by week. I’m not senile yet and I can still remember some things properly from 30 years ago. Another of the Castlemaine boys (there were only really only 2 of us in our small hippy town) had a set of power paws. I remember they had such fanstastic grip that you almost stopped when you carved a corner. Or am I senile. Never saw any of those spring trucks warm and close in the flesh though. Did they work?

What did they turn like GH? You might have an e-bay fortune on your hands. I remember finding a set of rubbers for em at Skateboard World once. At first I thought they were roller skate stoppers.

Martin aside from slowing down everytime he turned also wore (tore) his power paws out REALLY quickly doing tic tacs.

another early oddity,try & grind these …lol

thats one hell of a case of claw toe

My power paws were good at the boatramp! Ed Nadalin could jump garbage bins with his toes. Who needs ollies? He should have been awarded a trophy for the most orangutang non-grabbing trick in skate history.

UNREAL indeed - where did those guys think up all those crazy ideas. Its all a bit like rotary and sarich engines.

Given his abilities to destroy Bennetts, I bet Michael Mulhall could have smashed those strokers in one morning.
They look too adult to give to kids. They surely had a special toolkit and 30 page manual included and they probably went out of tune every time you rode them.

The last one looks like something you make roads with. There could be applications for it in todays skateparks as a crowd clearer.

Power Paws - THEY LOOKED THE COOLEST OF ALL WHEELS FOR A SHORT PERIOD IN SPACE AND TIME. Did you do tic tacs on yours Dr. Stoopid. Did they last longer than a fortnight.

In your evidently handsome archive Boomerdog (Englands loss has been our gain), do you have an original RADIKAL truck add. They were wierd - but WORKED?! Yes No. And are still around?!

I noticed too as I strain to read the fine print there on the Hobie add - the everpresent 70s reference to “space age”. Would it be wrong to attribute all this wild thinking to the unhealthy influence of NASA.


They were a bit practical. OK what else you got.

Boomer, you are a wealth of wisdom when it comes to all these old ads!

Great stuff!!

remember these?..acs 800’s ,cor look g&s rollerballs…wheel porn! :laughing: