US label Buccaneer Board Riders on offer at cost price

As a few of you know, I am helping out a good mate of mine who is the owner of Buccaneer Board Riders (BBR Surf) in California. This is a great quality surf/street wear label doing men’s and women’s wear and accessories. They are across the US, in Hawaii and Puerto Rico and I am now helping BBR here in Australia as they look to roll out into some stores in Melbourne.

Before that happens I want to offer all of CDS crew an opportunity to get their hands on BBR gear at cost price. Please take a few minutes to check out the BBR site to find something you like. Send me an email care of with what you are interested in and I can get back to you with a price, which will be much cheaper than what you see on the site!. I’ll be offering a great discount off the retail price for most items. For those local to me I have samples of boardshorts if anyone wants to check out the 4-way mega stretch material, by far the best shorts I’ve surfed/swam or drank in. They’ll be $20-$30 cheaper than similar or lesser quality shorts in shops in Australia.

Happy for you guys to spread the word to friends. No minimum order, no GST, cost price that includes shipping from the USA. I’d love for some of you to support this new venture of mine as I test the water outside of my current job and at the same time try to help a good mate of mine who has a quality product. Cheers.


Thanks to the guys who’ve been in touch to order gear, appreciate your support. $50 for a great pair of boardies and a good quality T, delivered to your door is good value.