Wednesday 8/3/2006 Monster Session

Here are a few pics from the vert ramp. Enjoy,

Danny Van

Andrew Mitchell

Dave Bodner

Matt Kitai


hey Bill, gr8 shots.
Everyones heading up our way on Saturday to Sk8 San Remo and HOPEFULLY the Entrance 2. If your interested, ring Danny V or some of the MASH crew for info. Hope to c u there.

Thanks for the info Chelsea. I’ll see how I’m place for time.

c ya

Do you pass those shots through some sort of colour enhancer Bill? Matt looks like he’s got a gob full of ‘ripe rasberries’ lollies :wink:

Sweet shots as usual :laughing:

It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it. Nar, he actually had his mouth wide open for some reason. It’s a bit like getting that photo of a dog licking it’s nose 1 in 100 chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

All the read in the shots are extra ‘red’ - might be just my crumpoota :unamused:

Powerfull flashes tend to do that too skatexec.