Bondi then Maroubra sat. Dulwich Hill Sun. If it don’t rain. Tuggerah is a bit of a drive for the slam factory. But. Does that place get packed out when it rains.

apparently it gets 1/2 of Sydney there when its raining.
I only skate there when its sunny as there are no crowds.

Similarly I only skate Bondi and Maroubra when its raining

Bondi as usual Sat morning - I’m a bit busy to head to Bra after that…maybe next week! And I will make it to Dulwich Hill between swimming seasons!!

Clay you could take your boy to the Easter Show. Check out the skate setup. I think part is indoor? Part of the new Homebush Olympic Park setup.
Sunday in the Gong the Billabong boys are doing a demo on the vert ramp. Lasek and Patch etc.

Also. Can you turn off the ‘caps lock’ on your keyboard! :smiley:

Seeing you asked so politely. Consider it done cretin.

mY Name IS brDEn I havE A caPPPSLOCk prOBLEM

Clay, curious being you mention Slam - are you local or travelling from the big smoke …me, I usually skate out the Entrance - I have “heard” that a bowl is in the planning…and we f**n need it - can be killer fighting the groms.

Gotta say the the BF2 get’s HUGE mindshare from the locals - I need another couple just to keep them off me.

Cheers from Central Coast, NSW


Matabo.I’ve “heard” that the bowl has been in Slam for over 12 months.
Mission for you,check it out and report back.

Hey Guest, yeah there’s been a bowl at Slam for about a year now - been there and got slammed as it goes …it’s a good ride…what I heard only yesterday was that a bowl is planned for The Entrance park adjacent to existing …I’m gonna give the Mayor a call and see whats up with it all - I’m agitating for “world class” whatever that means…maybe offer him a BDS deck signed by Wes and see where it takes us.

Cheers, Matthias.

Scoot 7 wheel hummmmm

Scoot carve deep end of the bowl

BondiBoy66 in his natural environment

Visiting Yank RollerSkater Handplant and all

mosu101grind the shallow

mosu101 one wheel out in the deep end

anyone got any style advice on my dreaded chicken wing turns (check out the elbows in last two photos)

Strap your arms to your waist perhaps? :open_mouth:

Either that or just blow away the detractors with inimitable style and class!

thanks for your input Bondi Boy. anyone else got some style pointers on avoiding chicken wing turns .
(try not to tell me to wear a chicken suit ,get sponsered by KFC or play the chicken dance song)

Junior exec is a bit chicken wings. 'bra bowl Pete told him almost ‘point’ to where you’re going with your lead hand rather than lead with your elbow.

He also said no shoes works best :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’m a chicken winger too.

Embrace your inner chook!

[size=150]Viva la poultry!!![/size]

I am as one with my inner chicken

I feel like chicken to night!

Well let me just say that its unique.

Bondi tomorrow morning fellers?

bondi for sure