Yarra ranges Downhill Festival

Victorias first legal, closed road slalom/dh race event ’ 2012 Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival’. It’s been a long time coming and still got some work to do, but will be a chance for us to show the locals that DH skaters are not ‘playing russian roulette with cars’ (thanks tracy) and are above all, awesome to watch. Stoked to have WEFUNK skateboards, Edge Boardshop Edge Boardshop, Loose Threads and Monster Energy on board to allow us to throw some swag around for competitors. DH Racing, Slalom, Music, Barbecue all in one jam packed day of fun. If you call yourself a long boarder and live in Melbourne, you better be there.

braden you forgot one thing you are oldschool. date? your very sneaky the picture wasnt there before.

dec 2 martay

Yep, longboarder check, live in Melbourne check. I’ll be there as long as it’s not some dumb arse tight slalom masquerading as hybrid :imp:. Make it big GS so the younguns on longboards will give it a go like the time we had the race upstairs at Monash.

P.S. Russian Roulette is only one skateboard vs six cars; fuckin piece of piss.

More sponsors and a special under 15 Penny Slalom Race with great prizes from Penny.

So what are we looking at here for slalom, gs?..fast hill?..bit of info would be good…cheers…boom

It is a busy road so we can’t set a course til it is closed on the day.
So get there early and you can help set it!
it will be fast enough, without start ramps.

whatever course we set it will be fast…though uphill runout…soft wheels the go…chalkies for boom boom. :laughing:

:confused: :laughing:

will see what the hill dictates hambs…might want to stay away from the brown acid though :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I was a bit strident there. It was Saturday night on the piss :blush: .

More sensibly speaking I think that a bigger open course with perhaps some stingers will be negotiable by some of the young downhiller and freeride guys as well as some older guys that are decent riders but not particularly turned on by tight slalom e.g. Ching, Karl, Jos

I’d be happy to help out with course setting and testing :wink:

Spoke with Matty.
Downhill is the draw-card event and must have priority, but assuming they can get all the heats done quickly and safely, they will be up for setting a GS course on the main track, and will try to get as many runs as they can get in before the end of the day. They will also want to do some free ride and sliding.
Don’t get too excited, because the condition of the road and the progress of racing will always dictate what we can do.
To make it a full day, they are going to need lots of help and co-operation from everyone, and this event will be something that we will all want to invest our time in so we can all make it a big success for the future.

Anyone who can turn up on the day to help would be greatly appreciated…we need cone heads, marshalls etc…radios will be provided to those that need em and free sausage sizzle and carbonated beverages :smiley:

[size=150]Next Sunday[/size]
[color=red][size=150]Yarra Ranges Downhill Festival[/size]
Baynes Road Monbulk ----- Beee there.

Please bring cones if ya have em.

[size=200]A Very Big day of skatey racing![/size]

Jacko will be there, but you could still finish 2012 on top!

berstein have allready entered and payed.

Penny Slalom Results
Ranking Name Best Time
1 Banjo Stephens 10.7500
2 Emily George 11.3100
3 Bradley Mc Neil 11.6000
4 Logan Schlager 11.6600
5 Rory Ludorf 11.9000
6 Kohen Stephens 17.0600
7 Tanner Stephens 19.2600

Kids having fun is the essence of skateboarding, which is why none of you lot are growing up!
Thanks to Penny for the great prizes.
New boards to 1,2,&3, wheels & bearings encouragement award for Kohen & Tanner.
I am tipping that the next slalom race will be in the Stephens’ family driveway!!!

Yarra Ranges Open Slalom

Ranking Name Best Time
1 Jackson Shaperia 8.3000
2 John McGrath 8.3800
3 Daniel Monaghan 8.5200
4 Simon Duber 8.5600
5 Marty Kent 8.7300
6 Dylan Baddely 8.7400
7 Fendy Gan 9.9700
8 Hamish Mcintyre 10.1000
9 Josh Rainbow 10.1600
10 Hamish Cheyne 10.2200
11 Ryan Nicholls 10.6200
12 Emily Gange-Holloway 11.1600
13 Craig Hollaway 12.0300
14 Bernie Griffiths 12.4900
15 Braden Schlager 12.5000
16 Harry Ludorf 12.5100
17 Barney Reilly 12.7000
18 Brady Lane 999.9999
19 Sebastian Bellew 999.9999
20 Lucah Byron 999.9999
21 Travis Morton 999.9999
22 Oliver Lawrence 999.9999
23 Wayne Humphrys 999.9999

2013 results:

Here’s the results

1st Tyron Knight
2nd Bailey Oates
3rd Nicholas Horne

1st Jacko GnarSteeze
2nd Rob McWhinnie
3rd Kelly Carter
4th Api Ihaia
5th Brandon Tissen
6th Benbro Hay
7th Brady Lane
8th Simon Duber

Slide Jam
Longest Heelside - Josh Musumeci
Longest Toeside - Josh Musumeci
Longest Hands Down - Sam Johnston
Best Trick - Daniel Parish

1st Api
2nd Jacko
3rd Duber

1st Jacko
2nd Tissen
3rd Duber

Great work by Aldert Van Den Berg and Shire of Yarra Ranges.

spewin couldn’t walk right ankle swollen and left achilles same.