Year End GeT TogeTher & OneT BBQ Session

The GeT TogeTher aT NewporT just like we did when we sTill had One-T.

LasT year iT was on Wednesday 16Th December (OneT’s anniversary)

This year Wednesday falls on 15Th December.

Is thaT day OK?

i think that is a good idea .

I’m in mate, the date isnt that important its the the fact we all get together to
remember One-T and all our other fallen Brothers at a family time of year.

yep nice one!

have been thinking for the vert guys come to spotty first about 4.30 ish then grab some fish and chips and hit the one’t’ session.

Sounds good to me, would’nT miss iT

Good idea Marty i am in for that.

I like Marty’s idea.
Thats what should be done first, period, hence some Backside airs for the man. Or do something different and just full time hang at spotty :smiling_imp:

I be There,

Top gaTher,

How about everyone bring $5 and pick up fish & chips and pizza for everyone instead of lugging the BBQ out.

good idea Bernie :smiling_imp:

Yeah sounds great to me…
An early one for the Spotty Vert Dogs (Karl there is a graphic in that)
Then to Newport for greasy food, beer, gossip and gentle roll for all and sundry.

Mama Theresa on Melbourne Rd Newport does pizza specials on Wednesday. $5/6/7 S/M/L

Myles and i will go with whatever

The old vert ramps need to be seen being used and enjoyed by many.
Otherwise the councils stop mainaining them, or worse as what recently happened at Noble Park, send them to the wreckers.
These days most vert ramps look a bit unused.
Some banners at Spotty should make the drivers coming off the bridge have a second look.
Or we could tell the local paper about the session, and how good the old Spotty ramp is, and how it should be preserved.
Or do nothing…
Any thoughts?

Marty informed me last night at Northcote that Tony Hallam is in discussions with the council regarding a potential restoration of Spotty Vert Ramp so maybe get on to him and see what he thinks !!!

vert ramp, fish and greasies, good company,sure to bring a smile to everyones faces.
would’nt miss it.

bernie have a chat with tone he has recently saved spotty from the same demise as werribee and noble park.but it still only has a limited life as they are saying probably will be pulled down in 4 years . the jerk at the council wreckens no one uses it (lie) because he doesnt see anyone using it when he drives past.

“because he doesnt see anyone using it when he drives past”
A story in the local paper could help fix that.

Will you all be OK if the press turns up?

If they turn up we need to keep any grog well hidden or leave it in the cars till they leave.