2006 annual bangalow slalom comp

Get your name registered on the www.gravitystunts.com website so we can get this thing goin.Theres gonna be a rego fee of course but thats to pay for overheads. This will be a legal event on the 21st May (frikken soon). Last years turnout was awesome and this year should be even better with more sydney folk keen to race. the sooner we show roughly how many people are interested the more likely it will run smoothly (fingers crossed).

Good news there, and Ima registered. Here’s the page:


To register do you just put your name down on the gravitystunts forum thread? Or is there a form?

Yeh Bugs that site is from last year.

As far as I can tell (and all I know is what I read on the gravity stunts forum), Steve just wants an indication of numbers, ie, it’s not really a formal “registration” yet. And, yes, that thread IS from last year, but it is also being used for THIS year too:

Real fun session at Dulwich this morning - I could get addicted to skating transition.

Bugs, watching your first day on a vert board was cool. You progressed a lot through the morning and was flying dude. I can see that you ARE now addicted.

The race is definitely on - 21 May.

I have spoken to Jeremy Rogers, one of the organisers, and it looks to be another great day in Bangalow. We are sharing the road with the billy carts again, but that’s good fun to watch anyhow. The stoke is amazing, with hundreds of people lined up the road cheering you on. I reckon most probably came out for the billy carts last year but they loved watching the slalom as well!

So who’s going? Sydney is gonna be a strong representative this year and the racing will be top-notch!

Haggy probably got a crew from Central coast/Newcastle going hope to see ya there. Can you give us some more details on course layout.Is it a combination of TS and GS and is it going to be head to head or just timing?Is there going to be a rolling start or ramps?Sorry for all the questions,this will be a first for most of us. We are comming to learn first hand as to what this is all about.We don’t expect to be too competitive this year ,but possibably give it a good shot next year.
Old school Richie

hey richie,
I wouldn’t go as far as to say tight, but compared to last years course it will be tighter. last year was tight at the top with a coupla offsets, into wide open shared cones crossing over into opposite lanes. then the further down the hill you go (flatter) the cones tightened up again

Timing I think will take care of the qualifying with the top 32 times going into the shootout. dunno if the the semi’s are timed or not.
Just straight out 2 lanes head to head.

Steves gonna set the course again this year, so nobody’s gonna know what its like until the day. I’m sure he’s going to accomodate intermediate riders aswell.
Starting ramps aswell. anything bigger than a 25inch wheelbase (inner deckbolt holes) on say 68mm wheels is gonna scrubout as you launch.

Great to see more and more people getting involved in this event. If we can show good numbers this year then it’ll make it more likely we get our own day to hold a national slalom event.
Don’t forget to post your name on the gravity stunts website to register
I hope this link works
gravitystunts.com/forum/view … 0&start=15

yep, fitzy is right about that.

I’ll just add one thing - the hill is quite fast, so if you have a slightly longer board definitely bring it. Last year I rode a 21 inch wheelbase which was good. I spoke with one of the organisers - Jeremy - and he said they were gonna set something a bit tighter. That said I doubt it will really be “tight”. I think on that hill considering it’s pretty fast something with a slightly longer wheelbase and stable is most suitable.

I am bringing my timing system. Qualifying runs will be timed in order to seed the racing brackets, eg. #1 qualifier races #32 qualifer, #2 qualifier races #31 qualifier and so on in the first heat.
Hopefully the head-to-head runs will be timed as well. I think it is very important to do so as the racing will be much closer this year than last.

However, we are sharing the hill with the billy carts on that day and are under time constraints. As a result, we will likely only be running one race in the head-to-head, instead of running each lane once. The latter is ideal as it makes up for any differences in the right vs left lanes.

There will be start ramps for sure. See the oldskoolteam.com website for photos from last year, there should be some shots of the ramps.

I’m stoked you and a crew are coming up. It should be good fun. also good to see from an organisational perspective how much goes into putting on a race.

We are having a race down here probably the last sunday of this month, hope to see you down for that!

Thanks Haggy. Just built a new board.Its a camber flex feet parralell ski type of arangement ,works good exellent on TS got to try it on GS as well. It may require a more open surf type stance however it should work ok in that style as well.I totally forgot how hard parralell stance is.My lower back muscles need building up heaps.Set up some 125 ltr coke bottles filled with sand for cones and did about 4 hours practice at the local net ball courts.Big time f%&king sore and I thought vert was hard on the body ,although my lower back hurts the knees and ankles are fine.After all that practice,I only got about 6 or 7 real good runs the technique needs a fair bit if work.Its awesome when you get a good run everything just comes together timing,stance and good line with no side drift.I now just need balls and consistancy to get any good at this.Can get f&$ken scary at speed nearly come off a couple of times.I should be trying some GS with Paul Carey soon.I may have to re register and get some names down.So far Paul Carey and me are the only ones from Newcastle / Central coast.

what about me richie can i come :cry:

Great to hear you are getting in some practice before the race. yep, the lower back muscles get worked big time. I’m always sore after a good session, particularly when i haven’t been skating much. A good stretch before you ride helps.

John the Pom - the more the merrier! Looking forward to seeing you put that pocket pistol to work.

It should be a great race. A bunch of people are going this year so the racing will be awesome. And getting a bit of practice in definitely won’t hurt. I’m pretty sure they will only have 32 riders so if you qualify 33rd you aint racing…

In two weeks we’re having another Allawah Slalom Jam - hope to see you guys there!!

Diggin’ the coffin John,

Yee-hahhhhh, Allawahhhhhhh…
C-ya then HAGGY ! Woz a top day last one…

Bangalow was a top event! Lots of really awesome racing, and nothing beats racing in front of several thousand appreciative people.

There was some very close races, with everyone stepping it up and riding well. The course was challenging, lots of BIG offsets - you had to hang on to get around em and stay in the course.


  1. Steve Daddow
  2. Haggy
  3. Adam Yates
  4. John Gray
  5. Colin Beck
  6. BTS Greg
  7. Leeso
  8. Paul Carey?

Not sure about the results - it went a bit quick for me to catch them all.
Like a moron I DQ’d in the finals against Steve - That’s Racing!!

On Saturday we had an Outlaw event - good fun too. reallly this is such an awesome weekend of slalom. Bangalow is a cool town - saturday night at the pub went off! The grommies are all big time hill bombers - watch out cos next year they will be fast.

So next year I wanna see even more Sydney faces up there racing hard!!

Stay tuned for upcoming slalom jams…

I should be fightn fit by nexy year Haggy. Damn looking at those results I would have, could have, well, I didnt, so, …Im ganna kick some ass next year!!!
I accually did have a slalom ride on sunday in the Dulwich snake run. Thats an awsome ditch trainer. Just gotta be carefull still.

Here’s a couple of photos from Bangalow.

The course. Check the nasty offsets.

Haggy and Steve in the final

Much thanks to Jeremy, Steve and everybody else who was involved in the organisation of the race. It went really smoothly considering the circumstances of having to fit the skating into short time-slots around the billy-cart racing (which took up most of the day).

The course wasn’t easy - it had nasty offsets, a rough surface, and there were a lot of DQs, including Haggy’s in the final when he was well ahead and seemed to be cruising to victory.

My pick for racer of the day was Greg Groundhangers - he was one of the few guys that seemed to be riding the course with ease, and he came seriously close to knocking out Steve Daddow in the round of 8.

The other big performers from this part of the world were Johnny Grey taking 4th and Paul Carey getting equal 5th. Despite limited slalom experience those guys blitzed it.

The Queensland guys all skated really well - they were all faster than they were at the Allawah race in December. We’ve got to get them down to Sydney for some racing.

Other highlights were Richie riding parallel stance, and the crowd of wide-eyed kids around Richie as he gave them a skateboard history lesson from the pages of a 1976 Skateboarder magazine.

The kids up there were all super-enthusiastic about riding slalom but there wasn’t enough time for them all to get a shot. We need more time devoted to slalom in the program next year and less to billycarts! Ideally, we need a separate day.

Yeah, Greg was on fire the whole day. Really smooth and consistent riding every run, so rad to watch.
Watching Old School Richie blaze the course parallel stance was impressive - there’s no way in hell i would have the guts to ride a hill like that parallel stance…

The hill is quite a bit steeper than it looks in the photo. But Colin and I agreed that the offsets could have been pulled in for a faster, more streamlined, race. But killer course nonetheless - made you think for sure!

Scott - glad to hear you are making a recovery. Next year will be rad - let’s get a serious crew up there to race!!

I might see you all tomorrow night, depending on whether my car works…!

Richard Thompson Greg Ambler, John Grey - you’re a bunch of admirable old buggers!

That course does look gnarly :open_mouth: Richard Thompson, Greg Ambler, John Grey - you admirable old s! 8)