I cant wait!

FRANGA might not be finished in time :cry:

where’s that braden?

far out is that for real or is it a wind up :astonished:

picture is of the large left handed kidney, under construction at the Frankston (melbourne) skatepark. Home (if they finish it on time) of the 2006 mossjam.
I dont even have photoshop!

Booking flights for me and the grom now…

People of Charlie, do not be fooled by the so-called picture of so-called Frankston bowl.

The real Braden may or may not own Photoshop, but it is obvious from this image that our intrepid webmaster has himself been uploaded from this earth and then copied and pasted back into our reality as the perfect imitation of himself by an alien race of Borfbots.

Here we see Bradenbot standing in the middle of a crater left by the landing of a massive flying saucer battlecruiser sent here from the galaxy known as The Big Compresor.

Soon this very site will be used to organise and instruct masses of mesmerised middle aged humans who will be sacrificed from the edge of the crater in a bizarre alien ritual known as 'The Drop In.

In a bowl this big, no one can hear you slam! Watch The Coping! Green Kryptonics are People! Read my book: Skatebaords of the Gods!

Borfbots are already everywhere. Last night they came to my house dressed in strange white coats. I am now being probed in a room full of nothing but rubber ramps …

Euro OS Jam site

Eric Von Daniken :laughing:

Comin to Riv wed night Eric?

Ja, dis is all part of ze pattern of vich I yam speakink my wise executive fellow. Ze entire galactic conshpiracy hash been coordinated ofer decades by vun Tim Dawe. Cockroach wheels veally were bugs! Zay are listening to us all Michael Mulhill is an Alien Commander sent by the evil Darth Dawe from the planet Milo. How to else to expalin such inhuman aerila skills?

I shall attempt to provde more informaton at zis Viverwood of vich you are speakink, but I have sustained damach to my foot of a serious nature and cannot presently ambulate, let alone skateulate. It may be necessary for Skate Exec to take direct control of our last stand … but be quick my human friend, it is time for me to receive another probe …

Eric, I must speak with Bill. I command you leave his body!

The power of christ compels you!
The power of christ compels you!
The power of christ compels you!

Damm for a momment I thought you were quoting Alice Donut

Join us Skate Exec, you **&^% ^^%%#@))+_&^!, and you will become CEO of our global network of evil. You too can learn how to do 360s with just your head, pull off radical levitational AntiChrist Airs, and receive free text messages on your belly! You know it makes %%$$#@&^%$#()()*&^@@@!@ sense!

Better decide which side you’re on before the MOSS Jam, dude - for a Melbournian it really means Meat Of Sydney Skaters (all Melbournians are living-dead - check out the skin colour!). You’ll either be IN the Jam or eating the Jam.

Awww Linda your pic didn’t work, what are you doing these days? I heard you were affected by the filming of ‘The Excorcist’ so greatly your life took a dive pretty much since.

MOSS = Dawn of the Dead huh? I’lll be sure to bring my George A. Romero instruction manual on un-dead defence (a baseball bat).

Baahahahahaaaaa… Was that you speaking in tongues Bill? That was bloody hilarious. I have to show that to Tim.

I’m going to lop my right hand off, replace it with a chainsaw, tote a boomstick, and change my name to Ash. Look out you MOSS deadites, The Army of SOS is coming to get some sugar baby. Groovy!

Nah - you want the Shawn of the Dead cricket bat methinks.

And Erik - you wanna lay off the peyote with absinthe chaser painkillers mate. They are affecting your accent.

私は、死んだろばのninja すべてを得ることのような何も伴わない!

What’s the deal?? where, when??

I have put together a sort of accomodation guide for interstaters. Thanks to Wedge for some extra details.

Bowl tour is on Friday the 7th of April and the MOSS Corporate Jam is on saturday the 8th of April. The Jam will be held at Northcote Skatepark and for the interstaters looking for accomodation I have checked out the nearest motels. I’ve given directions from each motel using public transport, but there will be MOSSers travelling to the venue from all directions. With a bit of organising I’m sure we can arrange to pick up interstaters from their accomodation on the day. You can

Bell Motor Inn

THIS PLACE IS BOOKED OUT (Hockey group & Bowls Australia - ironic)

Cnr Bell & Patterson Streets

Preston (melways map 30 M1) Melway 30 H1, not M1

(03) 9480 2099

Rooms from $120.00 per night.

Tram access to Northcote along Plenty Rd/High Street, get off tram at stop 35 and skate 300m east along Dennis Street, skatepark is past new police station in All Nations Park.

St Georges Motor Inn

334 St Georges Road

Thornbury (melways map 30 D5)

1.5 km from Bowl (taxi fare woundn’t be much)

(03) 9416 8233

Rooms from $120.00 per night, as follows:-

Queen bed only $100

Queen bed + 1 single bed $125

Queen bed + 2 singles $145

Number 510 bus along Normamby Rd to High Street, then tram down High Street, get off tram at stop 35 and skate 300 metres east along Dennis Street. Skatepark is past new police station in All Nations Park.

Jika International

551 Heidelberg Road

Fairfield (melways map 31 A11)

3.5 km from Bowl (taxi fare wouldn’t be a lot).

(03) 9481 2822

Rooms from $117.50 per night.

Double bed + single bed $120, includes continental breakfast

Apartment Queen bed + 2 singles + sofa bed $160, includes continental breakfast

Walk/Skate up Grange Rd over the railway line then catch 508 bus up Grange Rd and along Separation St to stop 31 just east of All Nations Park. Skatepark is at north end of Northcote Plaza car park.

The only Caravan Park in the area is;

Melbourne Big 4 Coburg
265 Elizabeth St Coburg
(03) 9354 3533
10-15m drive/taxi from the Bowl west along Bell St, south down High St then left into Dennis St. 300m east along Dennis Street, skatepark is past new police station in All Nations Park.

and I checked all the pubs- no accomodation.

If people need to be picked up from the airport on arrival, put a post on this thread and we’ll organise something. The Bowl tour on friday will probably end up at the Ring of Fire and we should be able to deliver tired skaters back to their accomodation for the night.

To get from Coburg Caravan park you travel EAST along Bell St then south doen High St…dickhead!

Here’s a bit more info for the intrepid travellers.

Coburg Big 4 Caravan Park
8km from Northcote Bowl
Melway 18B7

Cabins with bathroom:-
1 x double bed + 2 x single $100.00 per cabin
1 x double bed + 4 x single $119.00 per cabin

Cabin without bathroom but near amenities block
1 x double bed + 5 x bunk $77.00 per cabin