Parramatta Bowl

It’s no Epping but finally here’s my new home…

first try at inserting an image…

Commences April for June completion :laughing:


Skate AND BMX facility? Hmmmmmmm…(refer bondi v bmx thread at

Looks like I may be getting my passport stamped and heading west!

maybe in a year and a half time. the old park is still there and given how much procrastination Parramatta council has already show park may not be ready for a while

Council say tenders are about to go out. Commence is planned for March/April with a June completion - they say…

Delays in approval were due to Heritage concerns. Two Sate Govt bodies stuck thier beaks in as the area generally is of some sorta heritage significance.

The significance of the park is that it was once part of James Ruses experimental farm. Last problem encountered at the location was I think August when construction work across the road unearthed an unmarked convict grave from the same period

No doubt heritagers will be at the site when they start digging. Better get down there incase they find anything so I can quickly chuck it the f*** outta there :laughing:

Otherwise they’ll be pickin and brushing away for a year.

Parra will be 5ft to 9ft - is that same as Maroubra depth wise?

Sounds right.

Parramatta Council just emailed me saying the three major park builders are well over their budget due to they assume, the large volume of work they have and therefore, their ability to charge more…

More likely Council’s budget was piss-weak. I’ve asked if there anything a rate payer can do at State Govt. level to raise more $ because sure as shit Council won’t have any.

Council say this will set back construction 'til July 06 when they get more $ from the budget :cry:

mosu was right - “don’t count your chickens…”

the solution is obvious SkateExec has to Run for mayor on a pro skate platform. Turn Westfields into a world first shopping and skate plaza (with Bowl of course)

Once elected channel all council funds into skate park building at every local park, which will of course trigger the worlds first skate driven economic boom.

Oh yeah put my down for 10% of budget as a consultant

Mate I can spin some shit but nowhere near enough to run in local govt.

We skated Macquarie Centre during it’s construction circa 1980 - smooooth as - we hit up its ledges and were chased by security LONG before todays tech dogs were born…

I asked Parra just how far short they are and if a corporate sponsor (MILO? Red Bull? BAT :smiling_imp: ) may be allowed to chip in along with some naming rights (doubtful but worth a try?).

Excavation started today!

Steve need some info, go to t-shirt posting…thanks

Bowl looks rad, when is it going to be finished???

Concretors that’ve won the contract have never done a bowl :cry:

I’ll be down there every day making a nuisance of myself hoping they get it right.

CONVIC prepared the design. I just gotta hope these guys stick to it.

Please flow any good karma you guys have my way - this bowl can’t be f*cked, not after this much waiting…

pardon me asking but are the concret contractors of any particular nationality.

Chatswood got made by some Greek gentleman (γeιάsουu Demitri). Sure they were great blokes and all but damm they stuffed that place up right royally

They didn’t do chatswood - I asked em.

I’m on to Council now to see if we can have tiles and offer to see if I can oversee it a bit.

I’d sleep better if it was concrete skateparks or convic doin it.

Well Steve since your keeping an eye on the craftmanship of Parra if its kinky and out of whack! Im blaming you.

Cheers GH :blush:

Critical stage will be the finishing as you suggest. I’d love to see some of the profiles the park builders use so I can show these guys what they need.

Progress update. The excavation is 80% complete. Drainage is in. Deep end looks wicked - tranny shape somewhere between riv and 'bra. The roll in will be sweet, not as steep as 'bra, not flat like riv - closer to Bondi. It’s only 300mm drop but looks more somehow.

Will post some pics ASAP.

bust out some pics steve!