Rain Skates

Rain Skates…put the business back into skating :smiley: [/img]

that was an unsolicited, unscripted off the bat WEDDING PHOTO???

Bill you look as if youve just clubbed someone to death with your board and are sitting back and enjoying your handywork!

There can only ever be two reasons for wearing a suit in Frankston!
Oh OK three if you count weddings!

Just like Newport… :smiley:

Thats right Billy!
proven time and time again!!
Roll with control!!!
59mm Killer Bees now in stock, 62mm Yellow Jackets setting the standard.
Do yourselfs a favour, Order thru Charlie Now!!!

Eli & Bernie…as a great man once said (Jason Jessie) “Skateboarding is not a crime”

Braden…yep just lining up to take the plunge…but not today :smiley:


The way I ride it is…ugly on and off the board…

i jumped on board the board with the 62 jackets as well and cant speak highly enough of 'em. theyre mint!! thanks Braden

Thanks Chris,
Lets start the Revolution,
RainSkates, evolution :smiling_imp:

I cant wait to be stung with a set of 59mm Killer Bees!!! The 62mm rain skates yellow jackets are so fast they dont even leave tracks!!!

Will catch you next Tuesday night Jimmy, Braden has my new pro-designs, now he wants a set!!!..thanks Braden!!!

P.S. Dont forget my rails Jimmy…thanks Mate!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


59" good for minnies & street
62" great for Vert & Big Bowls
Anything bigger Excellent for Big Dazzers Grinds :smiley:

OK Honorable Crew.
New Shipment Of Rainskates arrives late next week, so if are keen for that high speed feel with too much grip too match, dont hesistate and get a set now, or maybe 2.
Thanks for the support so far, any queries just post or PM me, online sales through Charlie, or just say hi in the park To either Braden or Billy out Melbourne way, or coastal, Jimbo’s just a call away.
When everything else fails, or your fallen idols endorsement leaves you unsatisfied, turn to the Solution , Rainskates. Guaranteed to grip and smoke the competition :smiling_imp:

Hello everybody.
The latest shipment arrived today, plenty of everything, lots of Killer Bees 59mm and Yellow Jackets 62mm and all the Tsunamis in both sizes!!!
So if you want to see what the latest BUZZZ is all about check out charliedontskate’s super store of if you are travelling down to Waurn Ponds on Sunday, call on 0439 481488 if you require any set of these quality rolling beauties. ask the converted or just try them on yourselfs.
RAIN SKATES WHEELS, when all else fails there is a real solution!! :smiling_imp:

you should be a used car salesman Jimmy. hahaha. sweet wheels though i must say.

Jimmy with the full range

Flying high on the rain skates

You never get a down moment on rain skates

You’ll never be the same again!!!

Another Shameless Session Lead by BAD BILLY, Mr ANTI GRAVITY!!
Taming the ponds vert, so where were you???
RainSkates, killer feel on the steel!!!
See what the BUZZ is all about. Billy Harrison, resident Team Member, doing us all proud, big and burly… :smiling_imp:

OK folks down the eastern side of Melbourne way, we will be sessioning the Franga Banga Sunday June 25th from 10:30 am onwards then off to Chelsea vert, so if you require to check out the range first hand and want to roll on a set, come on down, if it rains, dont panic, the Shed for a Vert sesh will be the back up plan.
Rainskates, bringing it back to the people 1st hand. :smiling_imp:
Its all about the revolution :smiling_imp:

Jimmy, these are sweet wheels, my runs got faster after you left last night and smooth as butter of the coping

muhaaahahahaha another convert :smiling_imp: