TA at the Bondi Bowl thingy!

That’s right kiddies. Tony Alva may be at the Bondi comp thing. I’ll try to get a confirmation asap.

Faaark! Whats the date again? I’m dead keen to see that! Oh, and anyone know how to pull a swifty viz getting the wristband thingies like they had last year so’s we can stand inside the fence? Out and out BS got me one last year, but a tried and true method would be nice!

BB, you could try auditioning for the Rubber Reamers in order to attain full accreditaton. Remember to bring the full-body-slide safety gear!

I skate long time, BS

but when do we see Micheal Mulhall back at Bondi again ?

Hmm… I’ve been thinking about that myself Fox. When I’m not working or skating at The Bush, I’m at home recovering. If I survive the back to back 12 to 13 hours shifts I have this weekend, I may make an appearance some time early next week. I have to overcome my fear of that bloody corner.

Da Bondi, I vill get you for da signature ok?

TA’s website news page has a post that says he’ll be there WATCHING the ‘world’s best’:- Omar Hassan, Tony Trujillo, Keegan Sauder(who?) on SAT FEB 25 at the Bowl-a-rama at Bondi. He’s ‘leaving soon’ for Oz and NZ says www.alvahardcore.com/news.


Man, I am happy to hear this news…
I was told this about 2 months ago, & have kept it to myself, thinkin’ that it may not happen (& didn’t want to start rumours)…but damn’ we all gotta be stoked now !!!
2-kewel / 2 -RAD

Lookin’ forward to c-ing every-1 at Bondi, all us ol’ boyz’ betta go off…heh-heh (just amped now, thats all)
Plus the vans boyzzzz’ 2-kewel’ (hopin’ that Cab’ might turn up)
Cross our fingerz’ fellaz’ !

Top stuff! As I said though, at last years thingie, they had security blokes stopping anyone without a wrist tag from entering the fenced off bit of the bowl/park…I managed to finagle one eventually, but I’m hoping it won’t be a problem this time. Basically, you had to say you were a competitor, and say who you were sponsored by. I ultimately just got inside the fence anyway, then a security dude said ‘mate you need a wrist tag - go over and get one, and tell em I sent you’. Went back to the regisrtation table, and they handed one over. Much better view than fighting it out with the great unwashed outside the fence.

turn up with a flat top and tell them your Chad

Nah - I wouldnt want to get thumped by disgruntled haters…

turn up with a flat top some shaving cream and a razor, explain to security you are Chad get free entry then (and here is the clever bit) shave your head!!!

Who really gives a fuck if Ta is coming i would rather see J boy keeping it real

Chad is gay

bit hard for j boy as hes locked up again!!

But TA invented vert skating evo :wink:

Wrist tags ? Security guards ?

Oh dear. Would prefer a good sesh watching MM, Corbin, Fluro Jamie, Danny Van, Biff, Little Matty, Scotty Spring and others any day.

Yeah I know. Old bitter and all that. But I love skating cause it’s anti-rockstar to a large extent. Great park and good on crew for having a dig. But gimme a Belco type event at Bondi and I’m there.


Hey Skoot ,will have to turn up early that day for a skate, Ill ring chad and try to bumb mash wrist tags, I was going to offer to help out with someting but he will not answer his phone.

Skate exec - there are photos of surfer types riding pools in the sixties - on horrible clay wheels - didn’t they invent vert riding. I’d be really impressed if someone got in and carved Bondi, barefoot, on clay wheels. Mal? (oh yeah - no griptape).