What the Fu*k happened to Charlie?? + Photon wheels

Braden what happened. I was getting seperation anxiety.

Any chance of you getting in contact with Tim from Cortech and getting some of his 61mm Photon wheels.

Im down for a set if you can

That’s what happens when you use the worlds cheapest website server thingies…I will find out about the photons, there are 2 charliedontskate boards also in the works…more soon.

Hey mosu take a trip to Manly and buy them from him in person. I think his name is Tim. Jamie had a set loaded with rockets on saturday at Bondi. Was flying.

Jamie would fly on flat spotted bombers - but I expect photons to be the shiznit. I’m goin the 58’s :slight_smile:

Speaking of flat spots, Steve (Machine) flat spotted his Ferrari tyres on sunday. Vroom btdbtdbtdbtd vroom btdbtdbtdbdtbdt.

Tim from Cortech is from either Albury or Wagga ( I forget which). If he was in Manly this week past he must have been visiting. MM has been posting about the wheels hence my Interest. Im already getting a set of 58 mm but I want 61 mm.
Naturally I thought others might like the idea so I posted the thread

Now we got to work on getting sets of Rockin Ron Ceramic bearings (about US$80 or so) thru Braden next!

I was wondering what the F@#k had gone on with charlie…
…glad to hear he is back…

Why doesn’t charlie skate???
Has anyone ever seen charlie??

Charlie don’t Surf either

Plenty of Charlie around…you just have to look…try Victoria st in Richmond.

I never gave ‘Charlie Don’t Skate’ much thought figuring it was something that meant something to someone (Braden n MOSS crew).

Wanna give us an insight into the name B?

OH! and don’t let that snippet pass us by - CDS decks???

From that war film. Charlie dont surf.

VC Charlie? Haven’t seen it.

was a line from “Apocalypse Now”

The general surfed and wanted to surf a secret point break…one of his solders said “thats Charlie’s point” general replied " Charlie dont surf" so with longboards tied to the choppers they flew in…dropped the general into the water and proceeded to Naphalm the shit out of the village with the DOORS blasting out of speakers in the choppers Is a must see film.

Also a Clash song off their Sandanista (triple) album…“Charlie don’t surf” (& we think he should)…sort of a bit dub-like & no doubt, the song inspired by the Apocolypse Now film too…

hardly working & unsigned…

Fletch Im sure the music being played was the Valkyries (by Wagner)
And when asked why they had the music the reply was
“because it scares the shit out of the gooks”

BondiBoy will correct me if Im wrong cause he is a full on “Apocolypse Now” Fan

all true mosu101
Only adjustment is that the piece of music is called ‘Flight of the Valkyries’.
It’s from Wagners Ring Cycle opera (heavy shit).

In a world gone mad (war torn Vietnam) they found solace and self expression in surfing, just like a tribe called old school skaters…making sense in a nonsense world.
terroristsdontskate or greedyoilmendontskate does’nt quite have the same ring to it!

I stand corrected it was wagner Doors were featured elsewhere

And yes i have sandanista as well

If I say it’s safe to surf this beach Captain, it’s safe to surf this beach !

Best movie ever…

Im inspired rented it last night…will give it a good veiwing over the w/e.

Am wearing my “charlie don’t surf” T today it has the horseman logo on the front

Ollie Stone’s movie inspired by one of best books ever - Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness” As Kurt says - “the horror, the horror”

Natural Born Killers was pretty fun too…