Why is the plot being lost

Checking various web sites I see a few skaters dumping shit on others. Doesn’t happen much on charlie but shouldnt happen at all.I expect it from grommies but older skaters are now doing it.Whats up ?we have never had it so good new parks lots of jams to cater for everyone.I personally have only had good times where ever I go.What can you do one skater you know is got the shits with another you know The question is you don’t want to upset either party by hanging with the other.The end of the day I don’t care who I skate with just want to have fun.I thought most of us left all this kind of shit behind us in highschool .Aparently not !
Please do the majority of us a favour and chill out ,skate more.

Skating is on the upswing again…more skaters, more companies, more money, more press, more kooks, more agro I guess.
One piece of good news I heard yesterday is that Sac Reynolds got a job building for Concrete skateparks…He’s stoked and so are we!

Richie, you’re 100% correct as usual. The whole ‘I hate you, suck my dick’ thing that goes on at skateboard.com is a huge infantile waste of space. Worse, most of it is totally unfunny! Its one thing to find something about a skater that is slightly amusing and eccentric (say flouro or flanno or a tendency to be attacked by inaminate objects - the last one is me) and another to try and sabotage their enjoyment of skating and life in general. It is lame and weak and just typical herd mentality. Best to ignore it altogether, because reasonable argument just fuels the flames (actually ‘flaming’ amongst otherwise civilised internet users is a very common phenomenon).

I admit that I’m guilty. But you have to burn me big time before I’ll go on the attack. And I mean BIG TIME! I’m a very tollerant person, but you don’t want to burn me more than 3 times.

There are things going on, and that have gone on behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t see or hear about. Some things even carried over from the 80s for some of us bitter old bastards.

You’re an idiot Dr. Stoopid ! Next time we are skating at the same place I’m going to flick my board into the bowl while you are attempting to ride. You’re always fluro this and flannel that…go skate at K-mart ! Oh , and all this borf and brutique and boat ramp stuff makes me HATE, HATE ,HATE, you even more ! Rave, hate, rave, kill, dribble, kill, hate, rave, dribble, dribble, dribble !
If you are doing something in our world of skating then it raises your profile above the nice equal all the same level that many people prefer. It makes you a target for either hate or praise, knives or flowers,accolades or death threats. I’ve come to realise, as an old punker in an old punker way that it’s just like being Johnny Rotten; Love him or hate him he changed the world.
Lots of skaters hated P.E.D. and let’s keep it that way ! ( sticks finger up in your face and snarls like Sid )

Yeh what Fox Said.
Not only that he rekons he can cut it with King of entertainment.

I work with dying people everyday…the sceaming, the stench, the horror…the horror.
I’m f#ckin over it, bitching is bullshit. Old school skate companies rule…old school skaters rule…turn up to a park and the whole scene lifts…We are the MUTTS NUTTS!

Good on ya .congradulations. Top job you make us jelous I would love to build parks and then skate them. We all look forward to your input into skate parks Bet your stoked.Good to see a company that employs skateboarders to build parks for skate boarders.We just got to convince councils to give you the work.All the best with your new job. Richie


Cover shot kid hippy westie squatty scam needed some money and things so he could stay in Bondi to Judge in Bowlarama…I helped him out with this but stressed I needed to be paid back on Monday.

'No worries Fox, I get paid for judging and I get my pension cheque on Monday as well ’

Of course he ran off without paying me a cent even telling me at the bowl on Monday he was coming up to my place with the cash

He has even written PED on his deck in some delusion he was ever punk or cool enough to be so

damn squatty scammy hippy scum

I dont like the bowl side bickering and back stabing that somtimes happens but we are all only human and lets face man we spend a lot of time with each other. I wanted to kill Bill a couple of times he knows ,that it does not mean hes not my mate. Come on guys where all brothers no wives, no girl friends, no bosses just us our skate boards and that great respect we have for each other, if that respect was not there we would give a rats arse what we said about each other :smiley:

Dear Corpse Bride (aka ‘Fox’) you may strike me down, but I will become powerful than you can possibly imagine. All the bitter sludge and bile of self-hate that has been brewing in your twisted little guts for the last thirty years since we first met has finally boiled over and destroyed the last remnants of whatever imitation of a deluded little brain you actually ever had. The unadulterated mortdalean essence of yr skating style, your pseudo-epileptic attacks of non-entitiness, the christian fish you once sported and the satanic symbols you eventually replaced them with, your endless stultifying nostalgia for yr entirely imaginary contribution to the history of skateboarding, your self-avowed appetite for anal sex, yr totally gay lame stretcher thing, and most of all yr complete lack of anything resembling a pink velour jumpsuit … all of these things mark you as THE prototypical BORF of ALL TIME … and all of these qualties are exactly why i will LOVE you NOW and FOREVER.

As for GH, reach for the mike sucker, its time for the showdown at karaOKe corral.

Dr Stoopid is a complete loser who fails to recognise the following simple fact: without John Fox THERE WOULDN’T BE ANYTHING! No rubber ramps at Olds Park, no way to tell the difference between Mortdale and Penshurt, no skateparks of any kind anywhere in the world, and no stretcher to drag Dr Stoopid’s dumb carcass out of Bondi Bowl the next time he slams while attempting to do a totally insane tube flick out on the plug. I hope that Mustang Mark regains the motivation to KILL BILL before he contaminates all of us. I hope Groundhanger, John Grey, Scott Spring, that kook Nick, Danny Van’s buttocks, and Justin Cox all get together and BASH Dr Stoopid to death with a flourescent flannelised karaoke machine. HATE OR DIE!!!

Thats it, lets get it all out :laughing: :laughing:


I like Rockin ron’s bearings!!! :laughing:

sometimes I notice so much bitching going on I wonder why we arnt all roller bladers :unamused:

All hate messages and death threats against MOSU101 may start here now…please don’t be shy and don’t hold back…

The natural hate ,kill and bash essence of skateboarding in Australia will take care of Dr Stoopid in the fullness of time. Till then may the hate and jealousy be with you all. In the name of Beezelbub : DIE BASTARDS TO YOU ALL

geez that mosu101, he is such a mosu101. why carnt he be serious! damm arz$%&* :laughing:

Mustang, I hate ya for getting to tiles at Bondi before I did!!!

Bill, hope Muzza kills ya!!!

Dr stoopid, I hate ya for using words most of us comon folk have no idea what the farrk your talking about!!

Mosu, just put your name in for the hell of it!!

Rich. I hate ya for just being you and starting this thread!!!

Wow, that feels better now.

Seriously, PEACE,LUV and MUNG BEANS to ya all.
LIFE is way too SHORT to bitch about things.

Good to see people airing their greivences. Is cool cause most of this is just fun and jest . It is just the small minority who take this too seriously that I feel sorry for.My present beef is with Bondi (bastard bit me) busted ribs again. Toss me on my ribs would it. When my ribs get better I am going try to rip it a new asshole.NO PRISONERS NO MERCY. To be honest I love the place. Had time to think about what happened.Rained slightly but the concrete dried,so I skated again unfortunatly the tiles were still wet so I got tossed on my ribs. Just cracked the front but Tuesday night the back of them broke as well. tried s small skate but too soon yet . looking 2-3 weeks minium.

your lucky richie because the bondi bowl magistrate usually sentences all slammers to at least 4 weeks minimum with a 4 week non parole period.

On the otherside of things and keeping true to this most excellent thread : Whinge about my Bowl again and I’ll come up there with Bondi66 and we’ll pogo rock’n’roll all over the rest of those ribs !

6 to 7 months each for Ti and I thanks to that bowl. Some day we’ll both show that bitch who’s boss.